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Customer success stories – The best way to write them

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Socially proofing your success is extremely important when it comes to facilitating customer experience management. Filing customer success stories or to make it sound more clinical, “case studies”, are pivotal for customer disposition. It upfills the confidence meter of your customer before reaching out for their pockets.

Marketing today comprises of a wide spectrum. Including customer journey management, success stories have been in the marketing spectrum right from the emergence of marketing. There is a basic go-to for every marketing individual as they are powerful pieces of brand’s persuasion mosaic.
Today let us focus on customer success stories. We are going to dive deeper into how to write them and what makes them an effective strategy in your digital marketing kit.


An add-on to a happy customer

A happy customer is the definition of success for any brand. However, what is an add-on to a happy customer?

A customer that is ready to shell out their success story with you.

In fact, if we consider the recent G2 report, most of the buyers make their purchase decisions depending on customer reviews and testimonials.

When something is off that significance and importance it is extremely important to consider it and try the best to enhance them to your optimum capabilities.





1. Headline
It is best to write your headline at last. This not only helps your mind to bring the entire aggregated history together but also to recognize the exact points that you would like to highlight. It helps your customer experience management strategy. This will ensure the following:

  • You include the customer’s brand name
  • The most crucial and compelling benefit
  • The most probable data point

2. Highlights
Satisfying the skimming needs of pacy readers is an extremely important aspect as most of the readers are always in a hurry to pace up with their needs. You can do so by considering the following

  • Make sure to keep the summary section heavily eye-catching.
  • Make your callouts heavily actionable
  • Infographic for a complex piece of information. As a picture plays a thousand words

3. Company profile
While representing a company profile it is extremely important to make sure that the information you represent about the company is extremely crisp and secure. You have to make sure to highlight specific details of the company. The initial things that readers seek are Company name along with headquarters and industry types.

Along with this basic share of information you can toss in information about the featured spokesperson along with their details.

The keenest thing to keep in mind is to make sure to keep the company profile brief along with the reader’s relevant information.

4. Challenge
The customer service story is the ultimate way to showcase how have you solved your client obstacles in an effective manner. Hence it is extremely important to portray an obstacle that the protagonist faces especially in the growing era of web experience management.

The main challenges that are common to all the customers from around the world are:

  • Time-saving solutions
  • Saving revenue
  • Garnering Profits
  • Reducing the risk portfolio
  • Simplifying complex solutions.

5. Solution
The middle action that you need to focus on is how your customers came to know about your product. The content which goes in here has to be really smart to keep the audience gripped. You have to decipher the strategy in which you can make it extremely interesting for the readers to know about the evolution of your company. You can also focus on the following things alongside:

  • Any particular product that the customers brought and found extremely disappointing
  • The tribulations the organization went through to make the product work
  • What caused you to realize that your product is the need of the hour along with emphasizing systematic bottlenecks.










6. The Final result
The final draft of your customer service story is ready and is all set to land with a bang onto the customer experience management market. Now all you have to do is add on the extra ingredients to make the recipe amazing!

  • Dig into your core benefits.
  • Keep your features intact
  • Focus on customer emotions


    Chandrima Samanta
    Content-Editor at MartechCube
    Chandrima is a Content management executive with a flair for creating high quality content irrespective of genre. She believes in crafting stories irrespective of genre and bringing them to a creative form. Prior to working for MartechCube she was a Business Analyst with Capgemini.

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