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CX Innovation Stalls as Contact Centers Fail at the Fundamentals

UJET Partners with CCMA to Identify and Eliminate Barriers in Contact Center Innovation

UJET, Inc., the world’s most advanced cloud contact center provider, shares new research conducted by Contact Centre Management Association (CCMA), that details proven ways Contact Center Leaders can accelerate innovation and operational effectiveness in their organizations. This research, supported by UJET, serves as a playbook for contact center leaders looking to inspire and equip their teams to provide the greatest customer experiences.

The research found that the most common barriers to customer experience innovation stem from a fundamental failure to recruit the right people, establish appropriate metrics, and design effective systems and processes. Before a business can ever pursue bleeding-edge transformation, they must first ensure that they can clearly, quickly, and effectively deliver on basic customer expectations. It’s only then that they’ll successfully expand to provide the personalized, successful experiences that truly differentiate a brand from its competition.

A few key results from the research show:

  • Today, innovation in the contact center is aimed at achieving easier, quicker and cheaper ways for colleagues to help customers, such as better training for the agents or improved self-service options for the customers.
  • Successful companies surveyed seek to hone their core products and processes to reduce the need for customers to make contact in the first place.
  • The top five barriers to innovation include: reverting to previous ways of running the contact center, cynicism due to previous failed initiatives, focusing on wrong KPIs, reliance on third parties, and system fragmentation.

“Innovating the customer experience requires forward-thinking leadership that is open to exploring new experiences, technology and approaches rather than simply updating and changing existing processes,” said Vasili Triant, COO of UJET. “We believe the insights and best practices identified in this research will show a clear roadmap for transforming contact centers into operational and customer experience game changers for organizations.”

The firefighting nature of the contact center environment naturally drives a focus on day-to-day operations. Furthermore, ongoing uncertainty of the wider economic outlook makes forecasting exceptionally hard. While it can be difficult to look beyond immediate challenges, failing to evolve and modernize alongside changing market conditions and consumer preferences is a recipe for CX disaster.

“The most innovative contact centres have a clear vision of the future and how to get there, as well as the ability to solve today’s challenges,” said Stephen Yap, Research Director at CCMA. “They understand that innovation helps colleagues and customers equally, regularly and effectively engage both groups to identify the problems to be addressed and the opportunities for innovation to happen.”

Download the report here to better understand the ingredients for successful innovation and the five characteristics of innovative contact centers.

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