Cycleon Launches New Omnichannel Returns Solution

A unique service in the market that integrates returns from all channels.
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Cycleon, a returns management company that helps fashion, retail and electronics brands optimize and manage their returns, has launched a revolutionary new solution – Omnichannel Returns Management. It integrates all incoming return streams to make dealing with returns simpler than ever.

When thinking about returns, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is when consumers buy items to try at home and then send back what they don’t like. Those are ecommerce returns. What people usually don’t realize is that returns can come from other channels such as retail stores, marketplaces, or other third-party partners when there is an overstock of items, products are delivered in faulty condition, or it’s the end of a season.

Typically, retail and ecommerce returns are managed separately, with ecommerce returns receiving much more attention. Brands prioritize decreasing refund and back-to-stock lead times, having local carriers, and working with partners like Cycleon to manage them. They might even have detailed data for the ecommerce returns flow, but most brands lack data when it comes to retail returns because they are manually managed. When retail stores return merchandise, they need to go through lengthy approval processes and wait to receive the credit back. Brands lack oversight of how much or when these retail returns will arrive until they show up at a central warehouse, and items might be delivered in unsellable condition. Warehouse staff often struggles to process truckloads of extra retail returns arriving unexpectedly along with ecommerce returns.

Cycleon’s Omnichannel Returns Management solution makes return processes smart, simple, and scalable by integrating all return flows and providing brands with a single point of contact. Cycleon manages all return streams, ensuring that every returned product gets the same level of attention: All items are registered, consolidated and reworked at Cycleon’s network of decentralized warehouses and are then transported to their final destination. Brands can utilize Cycleon’s return portal and tap into the already established ecosystem of local carriers, logistics providers, and IT partners. From the moment that a return is initiated until it arrives back to the distribution center, Cycleon takes care of all steps throughout the journey, providing brands with end-to-end tracking and data at every touchpoint.

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