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Cypress unveils Test Replay

The Company Signals its Evolution from Test Management to Application Quality

Cypress, the leader in software testing and application quality, announces the launch of its latest feature, Test Replay, which allows development teams to seamlessly time travel through test runs in Continuous Integration and interact with their applications under test, leading to faster debugging cycles, higher developer productivity, and a faster go-to-market for their applications.

Cypress is setting the foundation for a new era of app quality strategies. Armed with the experience of recording billions of tests for tens of thousands of teams, Cypress empowers enterprises to proactively pinpoint and mitigate quality concerns well before applications are deployed to the production environment.

In today’s hyper-competitive market, the stakes for application quality have never been higher. Companies across sectors are recognizing the profound impact that app quality has on their bottom line and reputation. The repercussions of subpar app quality are not limited to financial losses; they extend to diminished customer trust and loyalty. In response to these challenges, Cypress is expanding its solution to address app quality concerns at their root – the pre-production phase.

According to a recent Gartner report1, the landscape of software development is undergoing a transformation, necessitating the presence of quality engineering services at every stage of the development lifecycle. The report advocates for approaches like ‘shifting left,’ continuous testing, and performance engineering to proactively identify defects, optimize processes, and elevate the overall user experience.

“At Cypress, we’re at the forefront of redefining pre-production application quality. We’re changing the game by moving beyond the traditional emphasis on test outcomes alone. For us, quality is a holistic concept that spans accessibility, performance, visual consistency, and security. Our customers have a strong desire to innovate faster while maintaining the highest quality standards, which we believe can happen by addressing quality concerns throughout the development lifecycle. Test Replay is a first step in identifying and mitigating potential issues, ensuring a solid foundation well before your applications ever go live.” stated Drew Lanham, CEO of Cypress.io.

Test Replay serves as a foundational step for Cypress’s transformative evolution into app quality. Rooted in its unique and expansive data foundation, Cypress is reshaping quality standards with innovations such as interactivity coverage, ensuring all interactive elements of an application are tested and work as intended. Furthermore, Cypress has prioritized accessibility and visual regression testing. This roadmap empowers developers, designers, product managers, and engineering leadership to objectively measure and improve application quality by automatically receiving these insights as part of their existing automated test suite.

“As a dedicated long-time user and customer of Cypress, I am truly enthusiastic about their visionary roadmap. It is clear that they are committed to improving usability, compatibility, performance, accessibility, and security aspects in order to deliver a top-quality user experience. With these innovations, we anticipate being able to deliver high-quality applications even more quickly, ensuring that our users enjoy the best possible experience. Cypress is not just a testing tool; it is a valuable partner in our quest for application excellence.” – Murat Ozcan, Staff Engineer at Extend.

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