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DAM Leader Aprimo’s latest feature provides Actionable Insights

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The company’s latest feature in its Digital Asset Management solution delivers actionable, near real-time insight into the resources it takes to produce and distribute content pieces and how they perform in-market.

Aprimo, an industry-leading provider of digital asset management and work management solutions, today announced the addition of Content Return on Effort (ROE) to its SaaS content operations platform. Content ROE showcases how assets perform across campaigns, in the context of the effort—time, budget, and resources—that went into creating and distributing it. With ROE content and creative teams can improve how they plan, prioritize, and optimize their creative strategies.

Despite flat—and dwindling—marketing budgets, content investment is back in a big way. The need to compete at a personalized level is driving brands to invest more in the way they build, manage, and distribute content. Yet in this rush to gain market share through content and capture, tracking and analysis of content performance has not evolved alongside that demand. The need to demonstrate value quickly has never been higher.

Content Return on Effort (ROE) gives content and creative teams a more complete picture of performance than ROI does on its own. Content ROI analysis is essential, but it takes a long time, requires expertise and even then, does not relate the full story of an individual asset’s utility and performance in market. Creative and content teams need complementary tools to know what content is most worthwhile to produce and to demonstrate that strategy to the C-suite with actionable data.

“In a recent Forrester study, 80% of marketers say they’re putting more investment into content, but they’re still struggling to show the precise return on pieces of content that prove content production is a strategic business driver and not a cost center,” said Anjali Yakkundi, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy at Aprimo. “Content ROE’s capabilities elevate content and creative teams to be strategic leaders by helping them make smarter decisions about what content to use, and where and when to use it.”

Content Return on Effort: A New Complement to ROI

Content Return on Effort is calculated for assets stored in Aprimo Digital Asset Management, natively capturing impressions that can be analyzed and viewed by source, medium, or other tracking parameters. In this way, every asset collects impressions which are compared against the hours of work and additional costs that went into creating the asset, and then shows a clear ROE calculation.

As a complement to ROI, Content ROE enables performance metrics at the asset level to help teams optimize content and to introduce a data-based influence on future content and creative plans. It is also unique in that it takes into account the total effort that went into creating each asset. Users don’t just view performance in isolation, as is often the case with so-called vanity metrics such as shares or likes, they can see if the results were worth the full effort put into it. Further, Content ROE provides visibility and insights on whether the effort was worth the returns and can connect the data from Aprimo DAM to a team’s existing analytics tools for a more holistic view.

Key advantages of Content Return on Effort for Aprimo DAM users include:

  1. Agility – Near real-time insights and feedback on each asset inform quick decision making and feeds naturally into agile workflows for iteration and optimization
  2. Time-to-Value – Leading performance indicators for campaign efficacy without waiting weeks and months for campaign and sales cycles, and time-intensive ROI analysis
  3. Clear View into Value – Optimize content and creative strategy planning with more accurate data, helping teams make more confident strategic decisions
  4. Elevates Teams – Focus on prioritizing work that matters, with predictable value, helping each member be strategic problem solvers rather than task executioners

Content Is a Strategic Business Driver—ROE Helps Prove It

Without a quick way to demonstrate total returns on the effort to produce content, it has been challenging for content and creative teams to stake their claim as a strategic part of business growth. In fact, over half of marketers surveyed by CMI said they were making changes to their editorial calendars and content strategies, but just 13% changed their content marketing metrics to capture the effects of those changes. Combining metrics like ROI and ROE will give teams the data-based power they need to prove the value of the assets they painstakingly produce. “What modern marketing teams need now is a tool that helps shift their mindset towards content operations,” said Samuel Chapman, Director of Content Strategy and Brand Experience at Aprimo. “Content ROE transforms your DAM from a mere asset repository into a living library of smart content decisions that can be confidently and quickly acted upon.”

Brand experience continues to be the battleground for capturing market share by delivering the pattern-disrupting content that engages customers across channels. As brand teams scale their content operations, they need a strong, purposeful martech stack, with digital asset management as the backbone that drives customer experience, creative strategy, and content analysis. “Content ROE is a huge step forward for creatives and content teams,” said Yakkundi. “It gives them the data they need to establish their effectiveness again and again.”

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