Data Quality Leader Ataccama releases ONE AI

Ataccama Now Delivers Generative AI Features to Customers to Automate Data Governance for Faster Innovation

Ataccama, a market-leading unified data management platform provider, today announced the release of ONE AI and with it, the availability of generative AI features in its Ataccama ONE platform. Building on AI technology that has been an essential part of the Ataccama product for more than five years, the ONE AI release helps data leaders address two major challenges: automating routine, manual work so data teams can invest their time into higher value tasks, and making it easier for all types of users to access trusted data. This significantly increases the value that people across the business can derive from data governance initiatives.

ONE AI is the AI engine that powers all automation across the extensive capabilities of the Ataccama ONE platform. It is built for CDOs and Heads of Data Quality, Master Data Management, and Data Governance who are at the forefront of embracing AI tech for data management, and who want to work with the most innovative and flexible platform on the market.

Features and Benefits

Ataccama ONE AI offers organizations:

  • AI-driven data quality: In addition to features available prior to the release of ONE AI, including anomaly detection, record volume matching, time series analysis, freshness monitoring, and record-level outlier detection, the platform now offers automated data rule creation and assignment. This means that any user can improve their organization’s data quality by providing AI-augmented recommendations and creating actionable data quality rules via plain text conversions, without any need to code.
  • AI-powered data governance: The release of ONE AI brings effortless data documentation to the platform. Users can also leverage generative AI for automated data asset categorization, classification, and the creation of descriptions. Ataccama’s long-standing, AI-powered business term suggestion features remain available, reducing the burden on data stewards and business users to provide manual input.
  • Assisted user experience: ONE AI allows users to simply ask for what it is they want to know, saving time by reducing the need to sift through documentation.
  • SQL Generation: ONE AI ends the need to learn and write in SQL. Users can simply use plain language to ask for data they are looking for, and ONE AI performs the SQL translation. SQL queries can also be interpreted, and plain language descriptions are provided to users on demand.

“AI will allow organizations in our market to innovate faster and explore completely new competitive opportunities, accelerate access to business insights, and grow business,” states Martin Zahumensky, Chief Product Technology Officer of Ataccama. “I’m thrilled that Ataccama is the first vendor in our space to put generative AI not just onto our roadmap, but into a released product available now. It was extremely important for us to cut through the hype and deliver something tangible, useful, governed, and safe into the hands of our users as soon as possible. Organizations who partner with Ataccama get the best of both worlds — real AI in the platform today to drive their innovation and transformation initiatives, and the security of working with a partner with a vision.”

The release of ONE AI marks an evolution of AI in the Ataccama ONE platform, where customers can take advantage of the best of both generative AI and traditional AI technologies now available on the market. Ataccama has been working with AI since 2016 and will continue to leverage traditional AI for use cases such as data classification or anomaly detection, where significant amounts of data need to be processed.

Industry quotes

“The advent of Generative AI in data management heralds unprecedented possibilities, yet it’s crucial to recognize that Gen AI is not a standalone solution,” said Stewart Bond, Vice President, Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC. “A synergistic approach combining Gen AI’s innovative capabilities with traditional AI’s proven strengths offers the most effective strategy, giving vendors with prior AI experience a significant edge in leveraging Gen AI’s potential.”

“There is no doubt that AI is suffusing its way into many software products, including those of data management,” said Andy Hayler, Practice Leader, Data as an Asset at Bloor Research. “Ataccama is being very active in ensuring that it will be in the vanguard of data management software vendors deploying AI.”

“The need for a unified platform is clear: You can have each of these capabilities individually but unless they seamlessly integrate with each other, you spend more time managing the system than the data,” said Jayesh Chaurasia, MDM & Data Governance Analyst at Forrester Research. “In a world run by data, unity is not just efficient; it’s essential for sustained business brilliance.”

Customers and prospects can contact Ataccama or visit the website to learn more about new generative AI features available in the product today.

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