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Databook Unveils SRM Platform to Boost Enterprise Sales Productivity

Advanced AI & NLP empower sellers to instantly transform complex financial data and insights into deeply tailored account strategies, plans, and content using prompts, guides, and one-click downloads

Databook today unveiled the industry’s first Strategic Relationship Management (SRM) platform to enable sellers to create, manage, and maintain strategic relationships at scale. With Databook, any seller, at any level, can instantly interpret complex financial data and market insights to auto-generate strategic account plans, sales materials, and narratives that speak to executive buyers. Now sales teams can quickly align around customer priorities and urgent needs from the very beginning, resulting in a dramatic increase in face-to-face meetings, larger deal sizes, expanded pipeline, and faster cycle times.

“Databook’s SRM platform empowers sales teams to do their best work by bringing new value and a personal touch to every deal,” said Anand Shah, CEO of Databook. “Until now, only a handful of people in a sales organization have been equipped to position big ideas, speak to executive buyers, and prove how their solutions will improve financial and operational health. Instead, most sellers have relied on execution tools to scale – an approach that often results in spam, generic messages, and canned personalization that alienates executive buyers. Now with Databook, any seller can bring a compelling business POV to every account in their pipeline, deepening customer connections and dramatically increasing revenue per seller.”

Databook also announced Strategy Builder, a new application that guides sellers through prompts and suggestions to generate dynamic opportunity roadmaps based on top-line financial metrics, management intent, key buyers, and use cases with scored fit. With Strategy Builder, teams can create, track and iterate sales opportunities – and track associated estimated value – all in one place. Account opportunities are automatically updated to changes in real time improving the speed, consistency, and quality of account planning.

The SRM Imperative

A Gartner, Inc. survey of over 1,000 B2B buyer stakeholders found 93% of respondents identified their purchase decision as a result of a larger organizational initiative, with disruptive operational barriers and market considerations1. In the face of rapid change, sales success requires every seller to see the big picture, understand a buyer’s management intent, and credibly speak to financial health and weakness – not product features and benefits.

Financial disclosures such as 10-K, 10-Q, P&L statement, and Form DEF-14A hold the key to executive-level conversations, but these documents are prohibitively difficult and time-consuming to interpret and use. A recent Databook survey of nearly 800 B2B sellers found that more than 70% of sellers agree they are more successful when they use financial data but less than 30% have even looked at a 10-K in the last 6 months. When asked why, 25% say that they don’t have tools that make it easy and 30% say it’s too time consuming.

SRM eliminates robotic, canned sales motions and allows sellers to uplevel executive conversations and forge long-term connections based on mutual value. With SRM, buyers can quickly narrow down and purchase exactly the right solution to drive their business forward in partnership with sales people that they find “helpful,” “honest,” “knowledgeable,” and “trustworthy.”

Databook’s SRM Platform: Outside-In Analysis & Guided Actions

Designed by former Accenture, Salesforce, and Google executives, the Databook platform leverages advanced AI and NLP to comb through billions of financial and market data signals, distilling insights into concrete sales strategies that automatically connect the seller’s solutions to a buyer’s financial pain and urgency. The platform empowers sellers to decide when, where and how to leverage these strategies in the sales cycle – and quickly act through auto-generated strategic account plans, guided sales materials, and one-click narratives. Databook’s differentiators include:

  • SRM platform ingests data signals across 2 million+ corporate disclosures, earnings transcripts, investor presentations, executive profiles, news reports, and more.
  • AI + Insights Clusters provide curated analysis of signals using large language models (LLM), semantic search and more to identify account context.
  • Proprietary “Business Value Graph” develops a unique account and buyer profile based on a trained model that understands how enterprise purchases are made, including strategic priorities, peer benchmarking, financial case for change, and forecast achievability.
  • Databook AI automatically maps insights against a seller’s product, use cases, case studies, ROI models, and prior wins in milliseconds to create dynamic Go-to-Market (GTM) strategies.
  • Strategies are instantly actionable in a wide variety of GTM applications including the new Strategy Builder, as well as auto-generated sales decks, synthetic briefings, emails and more.

Databook is fully integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, and strategies can be easily applied across other go-to-market functions and practices like ABM to make every customer touchpoint more unified, strategic and relevant. Databook’s SRM platform and Strategy Builder application are immediately available. For more information, visit here.

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