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Datacoral Joins the AWS Partner Network Global Startup Program

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Datacoral, data pipeline infrastructure for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced today that it has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) Global Startup Program. The APN Global Startup is a unique “white glove” support and go-to-market (GTM) Program for selected startup APN Partners Martech News, so that they can build on their AWS expertise, better serve shared customers, and accelerate their growth Martech. To be selected for the APN Global Startup Program, Datacoral has to meet pre-defined criteria, including a clear, demonstrated product market fit for an innovative enterprise tech product, be backed and recommended by a top-tier venture capital firm, and have a strategic commitment to building their AWS and cloud expertise.

The APN Global Startup Program enables qualifying startups to gain product design wins, visibility, exposure, leads, and commercial opportunities made possible with exclusive APN resources and dedicated Startup Partner Development Managers (PDM) with deep AWS knowledge and startup business experience, that guide startups in their growth journey with APN. By becoming an APN Global Startup Partner, Datacoral will receive benefits ranging from a tailor-made plan for mapping the startup needs and opportunities to a selection of AWS services and APN programs, promotion support to drive visibility and awareness around the startup offering, to resources for helping startups sell and deploy innovative solutions on behalf of AWS shared end-customers.

“We all know about AWS’s customer-obsession, but we are experiencing first hand this partner-obsession through the APN Global Startup Program,” said Raghu Murthy, CEO and founder of Datacoral. “We are excited about our ability to now reach more customers though sales enablement and joint marketing efforts.”

Companies struggle to harvest value from their data because today’s data pipelines are composed of disparate tools that don’t speak intelligently to one another. These strung-together, point-solutions cause data pipelines to be opaque and unreliable, resulting in high resource costs for break-fixes and maintenance, slow SLA response to data consumers for data enhancement requests, and most importantly, questionable data integrity and quality.

Datacoral delivers higher ROI & faster SLAs than traditional, “free” hand-coded, multi-tool pipeline infrastructures by allowing customers to:

  • quickly build end-to-end data pipelines designed to blend dozens of AWS services with a rich library of 75+ connectors and integrations to feed and harness SQL transformations in Amazon Redshift and Amazon Athena,
  • enjoy end-to-end visibility into data changes and issues, allowing for immediate resolution of data problems,
  • have full control of their data security and operating cost of deployment through Datacoral’s serverless-native architecture that runs inside their VPC, and
  • easily scale and grow their Amazon Redshift installation even as utilization and data consumption increase as a result of deploying Datacoral’s faster and more reliable data pipelines feeding the warehouse.

Datacoral’s customer, Greenhouse Software is an enterprise talent acquisition SaaS provider in NYC. The data Greenhouse collects from candidates, recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers is carefully curated to identify the best potential fits for open hiring requisitions. Prior to Datacoral, their lone data scientist was burdened with building his own data infrastructure by hand, in order to obtain workable data sets, and in this startup, it was going to be his responsibility to maintain, forever. He observed, “I used to spend 80% of my time building my infrastructure and only 20% of my time on my data science responsibilities. Once we got Datacoral, that ratio has reversed, and I’m much more effective in my job.” His boss agrees, “And we’ve grown our Amazon Redshift cluster from 4 to 48 nodes. Datacoral has become an essential piece of our data infrastructure.”

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. The APN is a global program helping partners build a successful AWS-based business, by helping organizations build, market, and sell their offerings. The APN provides valuable business, technical, and marketing support, to help startups achieve exponential growth.

About Datacoral- Datacoral offers an Amazon Web Services (AWS)-native data infrastructure that connects to over 75 systems, collects, organizes and orchestrates data pipelines, and publishes to analytic and operational systems. It is born from the people who grew Yahoo!, Facebook, Groupon, and Splunk from terabytes to petabytes. Datacoral’s customers include a new generation of AI-powered startups including Greenhouse, Front, Cheetah and Jyve who are investing their savings from data infrastructure into their data science activities. Based in San Francisco and an Advanced Technology Partner with data & analytics competency in the AWS Partner Network (APN), Datacoral is a Series A startup backed by Social Capital and Madrona Venture Group.

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