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DCM Selected to Automate Complex Marketing Workflows

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DATA Communications Management Corp. (TSX: DCM) (“DCM” or the “Company”), a leading provider of marketing and business communication solutions to companies across North America, is pleased to provide additional details on its previously announced agreement to provide tech-enabled services to a new cannabis client in the United States.

Pursuant to this agreement, DCM will be providing tech-enabled marketing support to a leading multi-state operator (MSO) of cannabis cultivation and retailing locations. DCM’s solution will combine its DCMFlex™ workflow management platform and its content creation software, which enables users to simplify artwork creation through features such as automated templates and the ability to cascade changes to all impacted artwork, while ensuring locked-down compliance. Final artwork is then executed via DCMFlex for print or digital publishing.

Cannabis marketing is particularly complex because of rigorous, state-level legislation that requires cannabis organizations to comply with different production and packaging requirements in each state. As a result, managing creative assets is often complicated and prone to error, with multiple facilities and their respective vendors challenged with inconsistent branding.

Through DCMFlex, coupled with our advanced content creation and North American production network, our client will have a single source through which to create, audit, change and execute digital assets. Among these are packaging, B2C communications, in-store collateral, and training material.

Benefits are expected to include improved version control, tighter brand oversight, operational transparency, and greater overall efficiency. Simply managing changes across all assets can consume the resources of full-time graphic artists. With DCMFlex, however, built in automation and approvals significantly increase speed to completion and speed to market, while reducing the risk of human error that could lead to a product recall resulting from noncompliant packaging.

“The fragmentation of the cannabis market presents considerable marketing and production challenges that DCM can help solve,” said Shelly Anwyll, SVP, North America, Emerging Markets. “We were really empowered to dig deep in our tool kit and craft a solution that now touches so many aspects of their business. It’s a true marriage of tech and manufacturing excellence—a complete conception-to-execution solution that will scale and grow alongside their business. And with DCM’s support as sole execution partner, they’ll have fewer vendors to manage.”

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