DeepIntent Launches Patient Planner

Latest Innovation Solves Pharma Brands' and Agencies' Long-standing Need for Transparent, Data-driven DTC Audience Creation and Campaign Planning

DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to influence patient health and business outcomes, today announced the launch of Patient Planner, a game-changing innovation that unlocks the power of healthcare data in a HIPAA-compliant way, giving advertisers the control and transparency they need to activate successful patient audiences and programmatic campaigns.

Patient Planner is the only tool that unifies medical and pharmacy claims within a healthcare demand side platform (DSP) for on-demand patient audience creation and real-time campaign planning. Only with DeepIntent can healthcare marketers explore patient populations, project addressable audiences, and forecast cross-channel reach in real-time based on their brand objectives.

Patient Planner also features a first-of-its-kind TV planning tool that provides instant insight into incremental audience reach and overlap across linear and connected TV. The tool combines automated content recognition (ACR) viewership data with clinical data so marketers can make informed decisions that improve clinically-relevant reach and efficiency for their TV campaigns.

“Patient Planner solves a long-standing challenge for all healthcare marketers, one I experienced myself on the agency side. Until now, brands and agencies had no way of truly understanding their patient populations or the predicted reach against their target audiences in real-time,” said Jen Werther, Chief Strategy Officer of DeepIntent. “With Patient Planner, media and programmatic teams finally have hands-on access to the data and tools needed to create smarter, faster, and fully-transparent patient audiences and campaigns.”

Key features & benefits for pharma brands and agencies include:

  • On-demand custom audience creation: explore and segment patient populations in real-time based on campaign-specific claims codes, demographics, media consumption habits, and more. Tap into our next gen Patient Modeled Audiences, now with more powerful predictive algorithms that improve audience quality by up to 7X.
  • Real-time audience analysis: maximize clinically-relevant reach and eliminate waste by understanding overlap and incrementality of custom-built and third-party audiences, based on verified patient data
  • Instant insight into CTV: quantify potential patient reach on linear and connected TV and understand the incremental reach that can be gained with CTV
  • Real-time forecasting and scenario planning: project addressable audience size, reach, and spend across channels and devices and project outcomes before spending, so investment can be focused on media strategies that work best
  • Faster addressability: send HIPAA-compliant audiences directly to DeepIntent’s healthcare DSP for activation
  • Save time and money: maximize resources with simplified, streamlined workflows at no additional cost with no fees or minimums to use Patient Planner

“Patient Planner unlocks data-driven insight and planning that can drive strategy and investment in completely new ways,” said Ari Shenkman, Director of Programmatic at Havas Media, North America. “I’m excited to expand our use of the tool and get it into the hands of more of our strategists and traders.”

Patient Planner has been in beta testing with leading agencies, including Havas Media Group North America, Klick Health, Fingerpaint, and Matterkind since May and is now available to all advertisers for immediate use.

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