DeepIntent Unveils Fastest Omnichannel Campaign Measurement Tool

Follows Recent Launch of DeepIntent's Innovative Patient Planner to Simplify Audience Creation and Campaign Activation

DeepIntent, the leading healthcare advertising technology company built to improve patient health and business outcomes, now offers pharmaceutical advertisers the ability to measure the real-world effectiveness of their entire media plan with the industry’s fastest omnichannel measurement solution based on clinical data.

As part of the evolution of DeepIntent Outcomes™, the platform now features new measurement capabilities that surpass those of existing third-party measurement solutions, making it a one-stop shop for healthcare marketers. These features include:

  • Measurement across all channels, including linear TV, connected TV, social media, search, website, email, and more
  • The industry’s fastest script lift and audience quality measurement for an entire media plan, updated daily
  • Daily campaign measurement, powered by the industry’s most comprehensive healthcare data sources
  • Fully transparent methodology and statistical measures
  • Reimagined dashboard to discover key performance insights and simplify decision-making

These features are now available to all pharma marketers and across all platforms and publishers, irrespective of whether they run campaigns on DeepIntent’s healthcare demand side platform (DSP).

“Our clients need cost-effective, transparent, cross-channel measurement that provides immediately actionable insights into campaign performance. Now, DeepIntent will provide clients with the insights they need to understand channel performance in near real-time for the metrics that matter most, including script lift and audience quality. By building on the rapid adoption and tremendous success our clients have had using DeepIntent Outcomes, we are incredibly excited to expand our measurement capabilities across our clients’ entire media plan,” said Chris Paquette, Founder and CEO at DeepIntent.

Since its launch in April 2021, DeepIntent Outcomes has been used to automatically optimize media based on real-world clinical data for nearly 100 of the industry’s leading pharmaceutical brands and manufacturers. DeepIntent Outcomes was awarded a patent in June 2021, and was later named one of 2021’s “Most Innovative Products” by PM360 for its proven capability to improve audience quality and script lift.

“When we launched DeepIntent Outcomes, we set out to change how pharma uses campaign measurement. What is clear to us is that today’s analytics users demand real-time results, transparent methodologies, and visualization that simplifies decision-making. Outcomes was designed to provide complete campaign measurement with daily result updates including a control to compare against throughout the campaign and visualizations that don’t require deep data expertise to interpret, while also offering a fully customizable user interface for unique advanced analytics,” said John Mangano, SVP of Analytics at DeepIntent. “I am confident that, with this new release, DeepIntent has established the new standard for pharmaceutical campaign measurement.”

In addition to Outcomes’ new measurement solutions, DeepIntent will be showcasing its recently-launched Patient Planner at this year’s Digital Pharma East conference in Philadelphia. Patient Planner is the only tool that unifies medical and pharmacy claims within a healthcare DSP for on-demand patient audience creation and real-time campaign planning.

These new, innovative products being showcased at Digital Pharma East continue the momentum behind DeepIntent’s continued investment in tools that improve campaign planning, activation, measurement, and optimization. At last year’s conference, DeepIntent launched Audience Marketplace, the first and only diverse and premium HCP and patient data marketplace built for increased audience availability and scale. Audience Marketplace has since been embraced by dozens of data partners, several of which DeepIntent is proud to share the conference floor with, including Redi-Data, HealthLink Dimensions, Medicx, and Health Union.

“The idea that advertising technology can improve the lives of patients is, and always has been, our belief and 100% of our focus. DeepIntent continues to drive the market forward as we innovate at the intersection of healthcare and advertising, and the enhancements to Outcomes and Patient Planner represent our exciting future as a company,” said Paquette, who was recently named PM360’s CEO of the Year.

For a live demo at Digital Pharma East, stop by DeepIntent’s booth or schedule a demo at

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