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Delbridge Solutions and Nexus AI today join forces

Delbridge Solutions and Nexus AI team up to create an exciting new offering for hyper-personalized marketing

Delbridge Solutions and Nexus AI today join forces, allowing them to offer more extensive services capabilities and expedite the development of Wavelet Personalization Engine, a new software solution that enhances existing marketing systems to deliver automated, omnichannel personalization at scale and across every industry.

With the expansion of the new business unit, the Marketing Data Science Department, spearheaded by Nexus AI’s founders Louis Cho and Nicole d’Entremont, Delbridge Solutions can now provide more integrated consulting solutions to the market. The new arm of the business will allow Delbridge Solutions’ existing and future customers to bridge the data flow gap and revenue opportunity generation between their crucial business divisions: finance, and sales and marketing.

Leon Kharkhourin, CEO of Delbridge Solutions said that “In addition to our existing capabilities to address the most complex Corporate Performance Management issues, such as consolidation, planning, reporting, and forecasting, we now have top-notch (or premiere) marketing data expertise. This allows us to bridge together multiple external and internal data sources, bringing an even higher level of confidence to organizations that rely on data-driven the decision-making process.”

Additional investment in IP development:

Nexus AI has been continually delivering enhancements to its innovative product, Wavelet. The new structure will introduce additional, experienced resources into this ongoing process and move up the timeline for delivering additional functionality for Wavelet.

Louis Cho, CEO of Nexus AI said that “Joining our development forces will allow us to cross-leverage the skillsets between the two teams and make additional investment in our IP, Wavelet. I am really excited about the partnership and the real-world experience that Delbridge can bring to the development process. We can’t wait to start delivering new, additional functionality to our existing clients. No doubt they will be pleased with the expanded capabilities and new features in the product.”

The two companies met through MaRS Discovery District – North America’s largest urban innovation hub for start-ups and one of the world’s leading AI hubs.

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