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Demandbase Executives Publish Book on Sales & Marketing Alignment

CSO John Eitel and CMO Kelly Hopping Co-Authored "Yes, It's Your Fault" to Help Sales and Marketing Leaders and Practitioners Finally Align and Reap the Rewards

Demandbase, the leader in AI-driven account-based go-to-market (GTM), announced that two of its executives have co-authored and launched the book, “Yes, It’s Your Fault.” Written for an audience ranging from mid-level sales and marketing professionals to upper management, CSO John Eitel and CMO Kelly Hopping offer a refreshing take on what achieving sales and marketing alignment really requires based on their extensive experience in the field, their current working relationship, and as practitioners of ABM.

“The topic of sales and marketing alignment is far from new, but it’s never been more pressing in the B2B world than it is right now — evidenced by the fact that poor alignment can cost organizations 10% or more of annual revenue,” said Kelly Hopping, chief marketing officer at Demandbase. “Given that John and I have spent the better part of this last year taking our collective expertise with alignment and putting it into practice at Demandbase together, we felt compelled to share our learnings. It’s our hope that our unique, firsthand take on the subject will empower other sellers and marketers with the knowledge necessary to make alignment a reality.”

“Yes, It’s Your Fault” offers a comprehensive look at the origins of sales and marketing misalignment, the factors that have contributed to the current status quo, and, most importantly of all, the exact steps organizations can take to drive alignment for themselves. The book serves up an insider’s view into the ongoing alignment efforts between Hopping and Eitel at Demandbase, anecdotes from both of their storied careers, quotes from other B2B leaders, case studies from companies winning with alignment, practical guidance, and a foreword by industry expert Craig Rosenberg, founder of Scale Venture Partners.

“Kelly and I have been incredibly intentional about creating an aligned relationship from the start of our tenures at Demandbase, and writing this book was yet another awesome exercise in alignment,” said John Eitel, chief sales officer at Demandbase. “But, our journey hasn’t been all roses and butterflies. In this book, we aimed for great transparency into our present-day struggles and problems we’ve encountered throughout our careers. We can’t wait for other B2B professionals to learn from the trials and errors we’ve had and the solutions and successes we’ve experienced, so they can have a clear roadmap to alignment for themselves.”

“Sales and marketing misalignment is a tale as old as time — everyone complains about it, but rarely does one side or the other take their share of the blame and decide to do something about it. John’s and Kelly’s refreshing approach to improving alignment by putting the focus on the human side of things could be a lightbulb for many teams. Alignment is achievable and Yes, it’s Your Fault is a good read for any teams looking to take their first step towards improving their misalignment woes,” said Craig Rosenberg, chief platform officer at Scale Venture Partners.

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