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DetegoD Expands Presence Into US

The RFID retail SaaS platform provider, with offices in the UK, Europe and CIS, are bolstering their global reach with associates dedicated to the U.S. market.
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Detego, an industry leader in RFID software solutions for retailers, has taken a major step to expand into the North American market. The cloud-hosted SaaS platform provider has more than 500 live installations of its software in the U.S., including both stores and distribution centres. Detego is now growing its U.S. presence with the recruitment of Umesh Cooduvalli as Vice President of Sales for the U.S. Umesh has previously led many successful RFID projects in the retail sector and brings both specific market knowledge and a deep understanding of the technology and solution sales.

Kim Berknov, Executive Chairman of Detego, announced, “The group is extremely proud to be working with some of the largest retail accounts in fashion and sportswear, many of which we have successfully deployed across the U.S. This has allowed us to gain unique insights into the challenges retailers face and utilise these learnings within our solutions. Now more than ever, retailers need to think smarter and more efficiently to ensure business continuity. Detego is confident we have developed the necessary solutions to meet the old and new challenges facing retailer’s supply chains and stores.”

“With strong partnerships and large-scale RFID deployments already existing across the country, the addition of a USA-based team is a logical next step. Umesh Cooduvalli brings years of experience in the retail RFID industry and will be able to offer both his and Detego’s years of expertise to U.S. retailers looking to digitize their operations.”

Newly appointed Umesh Cooduvalli commented, “Detego has been leading innovation for RFID in retail for a number of years. I am proud to now be a part of the team bringing their world-class solutions into the U.S. market to ensure the sustainable success of retail.”


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