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Dialpad Makes the Case for Modern Communications

Dialpad supports leading law firms as the need for flexible, reliable technology grows
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Dialpad Inc., the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, has been a key contributor in keeping various law firms operational during the COVID-19 work-from-home edicts. Coye Law Firm, Harrelson & Harrelson LLP, TownCenter Partners and others credit Dialpad with keeping co-workers and clients connected.

“As a former attorney myself, I understand the complexities that law firms face, especially when it comes to adopting new technology. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeing a greater need for attorneys to be flexible and mobile while maintaining seamless communication with clients,” said Craig Walker, CEO and co-founder, Dialpad. “Not only do these firms need reliable communication tools like Dialpad and legal practice management software, but they also need a single pane of glass from which they can manage all those interactions as well as keep accurate time records, get invoices out, and more. By introducing law firms to the concept of truly unified communications, Dialpad is at the forefront of helping modernize the law sector.”

As part of this modernization, Dialpad released an integration with the leading cloud-based legal technology company, Clio. The integration provides law firms with best-in-class VoIP features, SMS capabilities, detailed call analytics, unlimited audio recordings and real-time transcription for every call and meeting, powered by Dialpad’s proprietary Voice Intelligence.

“Integrating Dialpad into the Clio platform leverages the best of AI communications to rapidly scale arduous legal tasks like time-tracking and note-taking,” said Jeff Porter, General Manager Mid-Market and Partnerships at Clio. “Paired with Clio’s end-to-end platform, lawyers can access the intuitive, cloud-based tools they need to get time back in their day. We are thrilled to work with our Dialpad partners as part of a large network of industry innovators.”

The Dialpad cloud-native communications platform is the one place for a truly unified Communications as a Service (TruCaaS) experience. With a TruCaaS solution delivered through a single pane of glass, and customer engagement all on one cohesive platform with AI at its core, Dialpad helps companies simplify business communications and collaboration. As the industry leader in AI-powered communication and collaboration, Dialpad is a complete, modern communications platform built on a split cloud architecture for unmatched security, reliability, and flexibility. Simple to deploy, available on any device and backed up with Vi to create a searchable archive of every call, Dialpad improves communication between employees, customers, and business partners working from anywhere.

Customer Testimonials

“The ability to get an inbound call and have that speech-to-text transcription in Dialpad—and receive instant notification of it—is awesome. That made perfect sense for us to get rid of the answering service,” said Wade Coye, managing partner, Coye Law Firm. “Plus, Dialpad’s texting feature is really good, which is important because many clients do not use email because it’s not relevant—but they text all the time. Texting is critical, along with voice, because that’s how people communicate.”

“The smartest tech decision I made when starting my own firm was to use Dialpad from day one. It gives us the ability to seamlessly work anywhere and at any hour,” said Will Harrelson, co-founder and partner, Harrelson & Harrelson LLP. “When the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to work remotely, Dialpad allowed us to serve our clients immediately. If we didn’t have Dialpad in Clio, we would not have been able to transition overnight and provide the exact same level of customer service.”

“The industry can be very old school, some firms even still have the dictaphones they use to record conversations that then need to be transcribed. But, I’d rather have my assistant do more meaningful tasks,” said Steve Miller, attorney, Miller Law Firm. “With Dialpad’s real-time transcription, we’re doing really productive work and not spending nearly as much time on administrative duties that would otherwise eat up a lot of our time.”

“Dialpad has enabled us to be 100% remote. We no longer need to have the physical phone, and we have the flexibility to work from anywhere,” said Roni Elias, lead asset manager, TownCenter Partners. “Dialpad’s Voice Intelligence is my favorite feature. It’s great to be able to review the conversation and meeting notes.”

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