diDNA Continues Strong Growth with 15% Revenue Increase Y-O-Y

Company expects strong market demand to drive further growth in 2023 following a 100% increase in new clients and a 15% increase in revenue last year.

diDNA, a Google MCM partner and leading advertising technology company that maximizes revenue for advertisers, publishers, and brands, today announced that it continued its strong upward trajectory last year with a 15% year over year gross revenue increase despite challenging market conditions. This increase exceeds global ad revenue growth projections of 8% (source: Dentsu) and further solidifies diDNA’s position as a leading provider of ad tech for the publisher marketplace.

The company expects this trend to continue in 2023, though overall expectations have been adjusted to align with the economic uncertainty affecting many industries.

“We predict worldwide ad spend and digital media performance in 2023 will look similar to 2022, characterized with a wait-and-see attitude and moderate year over year growth,” said Craig Petersen, diDNA Chief Financial Officer. “In Q2 last year, the global economy began to feel the effects of inflation and rising interest rates coupled with international conflict and consumer uncertainty. Advertising is a bellwether industry and will continue to be impacted through 2023. Despite that, diDNA showed above average growth in 2022 and we anticipate that to continue into the new year.”

diDNA found solutions to solve last year’s market challenges. It took a multi-channel approach to growth, increasing its total web properties by 103% through both acquiring new customer accounts and expanding relationships with existing customers. Improved and expanded product offerings also drove incremental revenue gains for its publishers. Notable success was seen deploying higher-value ad formats such as sticky ad units and video ads.

“2022 was one of our most important years as a company,” said Troy Bubley, diDNA President. “We learned an incredible amount about our customers, what they need, and how we can position ourselves in the future to better serve them. The global ad market is continuing to show a shift away from traditional display advertising into alternative, more effective formats and we plan to continue innovating in ways that support the needs of publishers across the globe. A lot of the work that was done by our team in 2022 will benefit us greatly this year.”

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