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Digibee announces a partnership with Orasi


Digibee, an enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) company that helps organizations build flexible, highly scalable integration architecture, is proud to announce a partnership with Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator enabling the acceleration, security, delivery, and adoption of software applications and cloud infrastructure through automation.

Digibee has joined Orasi’s strong partner community that brings enterprise customers full development and delivery lifecycle support for market-driven products. Digibee will provide, through the Digibee Enterprise Integration Platform (eiPaaS), the ability to connect and integrate disparate legacy and cloud-based systems as part of Orasi’s expert guidance, services and tools that accelerate the maturation of secure, high quality applications. The partnership allows the two companies to help achieve digital transformation, and improve customer service and user experience, by presenting and processing data from any enterprise systems in modern, cloud-native, on-demand applications.

“Orasi has built a strong network of impressive partners and technologies, and we are honored to be a part of this network. Together, we will help enterprise companies deliver innovation more quickly than ever before, and in the most secure way possible,” said Digibee Chief Executive Officer Rodrigo Bernardinelli.

“Orasi and Digibee’s collaboration empowers DevSecOps teams to increase margins, deliver secure products faster, and build seamless integrations to speed a company’s digital transformation initiatives,” said Orasi SVP Sales and Marketing Mark Lewis. “The Digibee eiPaaS contributes directly to Orasi’s effort to deliver positive, enterprise-class integration outcomes and reduce the overall cost of integration.”

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