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Digital Advertisers Unlock New Targeting Options with Ad Bacon

Brands and agencies use Audience Kitchen to discover privacy-forward audiences and enhance ad targeting
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Ad Bacon, a digital ad optimization solutions company, announced today the public launch of Audience Kitchen, a new web-based tool that vastly improves the ability for advertisers to reach their target audiences on Facebook and Instagram in a privacy-forward way.

With today’s launch, the roughly 10 million advertisers using the Facebook Ads platform can now log in to Audience Kitchen to quickly and easily find their ideal audience from more than 95,000 options that are often challenging to discover when using Facebook’s audience creation tools.

“It’s a window into the incredible breadth of behavioral, demographic, and interest-based targeting segments that Facebook offers,” said Ty Martin, CEO of Ad Bacon and creator of Audience Kitchen.

Audience Kitchen enables advertisers to decrease time-to-launch and increase advertising revenue by making it easy to search and browse thousands of targeting options. In addition, Audience Kitchen’s AI-driven recommendation algorithm can suggest related audience segments to make it even faster to dial in the ideal audience.

“Many of our clients have niche audiences that are challenging to reach with fully automated targeting,” said Sam Huston, Chief Strategy Officer at 3Q Digital. “Audience Kitchen is instrumental in helping us to reach micro audiences at scale.”

The solution arrives at a pivotal time as Facebook is becoming an increasingly attractive channel for brands seeking privacy-forward ways to invest their digital advertising budgets. Rather than relying on waning cookie-based tracking, Facebook’s ad targeting technology is largely based on interactions by users within the platform, positioning it for growth in a privacy-forward advertising world.

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