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Digital Advertising Mogul Donny Deutsch Launches New Podcast

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Advertising mogul and veteran TV personality, Donny Deutsch has teamed up with Kast Media to launch his first-ever podcast, On Brand with Donny Deutschwhich will be coming to all podcast players on May 13th.

As one of the most prominent business voices and leading branding mavens of our time, Deutsch built Deutsch Inc., the multibillion-dollar advertising agency through mastering the power of strategic branding. His brand-building background in combination with his innovation in business and decades of experience hosting popular shows like CNBC’s long running series, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and MSNBC’s hit show, Saturday Night Politics, have given Deutsch a unique and highly skilled interview approach that guides the audience through deeply personal and analytical conversations with today’s biggest media personalities, entrepreneurs and society leaders.

Deutsch has played an active role in the evolution of media throughout his legendary career, and recognizes that within the trajectory of media’s expansion everything has become a brand. Companies, celebrities, candidates, countries, institutions, and movements are all brands with their own unique values, marketing, and influence. Whether thoughtlessly executed or carefully curated, they’re influencing consumers to buy products, constituents to elect officials, viewers to tune in, or revolutionaries to unite under one cause and push the world forward.

“Decades of experience in advertising and television have created a very specific lens I use to analyze every facet of a brand,” said Deutsch. “Whether we’re breaking down a Fortune 500 company, a celebrity or political figure’s personal brand, or the latest viral trend, on this series I’ll be sitting down with global experts to discuss, for better or worse, why it’s resonating today. In today’s world of social media and real-time information everything is a brand, so no topic is off limits.”

In this series, Deutsch will also go deep to analyze some of the most well-known and successful global brands. In today’s hyper-saturated, over-marketed world, the media landscape too often presents one-dimensional figures who are globally seen, and yet not truly known. Where the notion “perception is reality” feels truer each day, this series will peel back the layers of the images seen in media, to understand the depths of the people who are changing our world – through art, media, business, politics, activism, or innovation. Deutsch will interview legendary actor and philanthropist Michael J. Fox on the premiere episode of the series, and future episodes will feature prominent guests across entertainment, business, media, politics, and more.

Deutsch’s production and distribution partner, Kast Media has successfully launched multiple chart-topping podcasts – On Purpose with Jay Shetty, The Sarah Silverman Podcast and The Mindset Mentor – and continues to dominate the market as a top 10 podcast network. As a leader in video simulcast podcasts, Kast Media expands their footprint in the visual space with On Brand, as every episode will be available on Deutsch’s YouTube channel.

“Donny is one of the most incisive voices in branding and Kast is excited to partner with him in bringing his insight and expertise to the podcast world,” said Colin Thomson, CEO of Kast Media.

Tune in for thought-provoking interviews, Deutsch’s take on the biggest brands making news each week, and several insightful rotating segments based on the most current events and trends. Listen to the trailer today at and on all podcast players. So stay tuned, and stay on brand.

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