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Digital Advertising System AdPlugg Launches New Network

AdPlugg is now offering ad demand to all publishers via the AdPlugg Network

Today, AdPlugg launched the AdPlugg Network. The AdPlugg Network is a new way for publishers to monetize their websites through network ads. Immediately available to all qualifying publishers, the AdPlugg network allows publishers to fill available ad inventory on their websites with ads from network advertisers.

In use by over 15 thousand publishers, the AdPlugg system allows publishers to serve ads to their sites from any source. This includes direct sold (via direct relationships with advertisers), in-house, or via ad networks that the publisher is a member of. Now with the release of the AdPlugg Network, publishers can serve network ads directly from AdPlugg without having to sign up for third party ad networks.

The AdPlugg Network has been in development since early 2020 and has been in beta testing with select publishers since the spring. Now, with this launch, all existing and new AdPlugg publishers can join and start serving network ads to their sites.

AdPlugg Network ads can be used as a primary source of ads or can be used for “remnant inventory” (ad inventory/slots that went unsold via other means). The AdPlugg Network ads can be configured using any of the multitude of features available within the AdPlugg system. For example, you can schedule the network ads, rotate them in with other ads, target (or exclude) them from certain geographic regions, etc.

“The AdPlugg Network is a great option for publishers looking to increase their revenue.”, said AdPlugg CEO, Collin Krawll. “This is a service that publishers have long been asking us for and we are thrilled to now make it available to them.”

The AdPlugg Network pays publishers monthly based on the number of network ads that the publisher serves. The available ad slots are filled via RTB (Real Time Bidding) by advertisers, agencies and various exchanges that the AdPlugg Network connects to.

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