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Digital asset management leader Bynder Unveils Studio

Bynder’s Studio includes image, video, and GIF capabilities enabling the creation of exceptional content experiences

Bynder, a global leader in digital asset management (DAM), has unveiled Studio, the next-generation solution for scalable content creation and templating. As brands look to maximize ROI in a competitive omnichannel world, Studio gives marketers new capabilities to generate more value from their branded content.

Content proliferation is one of the key challenges that marketers face – a majority of B2B buyers (62%) said they engage with three to seven pieces of content before connecting with a salesperson. Despite the fact that video is, and will continue to be the top content investment for B2B brands in 2023, 88% of those surveyed said that they felt their organization wasn’t using video to its full potential, with the lack of in-house skills and shrinking budgets listed as some of the main challenges across the board.

“As content continues to be crucial to competing in the digital-first economy, the demands placed on creative teams will only heighten,” says Paul Heiden, Chief Product Officer at Bynder. “In the coming years, brands will have to operate amidst economic uncertainty and limited resources, further intensifying the imbalance between the expectations for output and the resources available to fulfill them. We developed Studio in response to this demand, enabling our customers to transform a painstaking manual content creation process into an automated and efficient one and helping them scale up content creation across platforms and markets whilst saving costs. This will allow them to reach their audience well before the competition and thrive faster in a demanding marketplace.”

Studio empowers brands to create a diverse array of content that is quickly and easily adapted by marketers to help them deliver the best experience possible while reducing costs and time spent on developing campaigns and speeding up time to market. The features of the upgraded platform include:

  • Dynamic content creation: video and GIF capabilities, in addition to the previously available image creation
  • Flexible sourcing: users can upload existing content or simply create content from scratch within the platform
  • Template creation: lock components such as logo placement, fonts, and more to ensure brand consistency as content is personalized
  • Batch creation: create multiple assets at once to maximize efficiency and scale the content for maximum return on investment

Studio democratizes content creation and unites typically siloed content creation tools and capabilities under one solution – therefore significantly simplifying the creation process. Powered by a DAM acting as the central source of truth, it enhances the end-to-end content lifecycle for the best experience possible for creators, brands, and consumers.

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