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Digital customer journey analytics refers to capturing, aggregating, and analyzing customer data (e.g., frequency of online purchases) on digital channels that allow businesses to understand customers better, improve their experience, and make interactions more meaningful.

Digital analytics tools provide organizations with the opportunity to gain a complete view of customer interactions across mobile and web and create frictionless and enhanced digital customer journeys. As the “digital experience” is becoming a key competitive differentiator for businesses, many consider how to improve their digital experience and become digital market leaders. Digital analytics solutions are becoming essential for organizations to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Digital activities are easier to record, capture, and measure than face-to-face, physical interactions. This creates an opportunity for organizations to attain deeper, richer, and more complex information about customers, their brand perception, and the market. Yet, despite these benefits, customer journey analytics is not utilized optimally by most organizations. This is because the tools available in the market, as well as their benefits, are not well-known. In addition, many organizations are finding it difficult to curate data and break down data silos, limiting their capabilities to maximize the value of analytics tools.

This report explores how the digital customer journey analytics market is evolving with transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and others. It also discusses key players in the market, future trends, market growth drivers, restraints, and provides relevant recommendations for end-user organizations and technology providers.

Companies Covered:

  • Amplitude
  • Contentsquare
  • FullStory
  • Glassbox Digital

Key Topics Covered:

Solution Overview

  • Definitions
  • Introduction to Digital Customer Journey Analytics
  • From Brick-and-Mortar to Digital Customer Journeys
  • Importance of Digital Customer Journeys
  • From CX Data to Actions
  • Digital Solutions Used Today
  • Priority for Investments in IT Solutions
  • Competitive Advantages of Solutions

Decision Making Factors and Investment Strategies for Buyers, 2021

  • Key Digital Customer Journey Metrics to Consider
  • Digital Customer Journey Analytics Tools
  • The Impact of Analytics on Digital Customer Journey Management
  • Designing a Digital CX Strategy
  • Digital Customer Journey Analytics Use Cases

Key Considerations and Growth Opportunities for Vendors

  • Factors Influencing the Growth of Digital CX
  • Key Considerations for Vendors
  • End-User Organization Preferences
  • Growth Drivers
  • Growth Restraints
  • The Future of Digital Customer Journeys

Digital Customer Journey Analytics Provider Profiles

  • Digital CX Analytics Provider Profiles
  • Vendor Profile – Amplitude
  • Vendor Profile – Contentsquare
  • Vendor Profile – FullStory
  • Vendor Profile – Glassbox Digital

Growth Opportunity Universe

  • Growth Opportunity 1: Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Capabilities
  • Growth Opportunity 2: Enhancement of Visualization and Reporting Capabilities to Achieve Competitive Differentiation
  • Growth Opportunity 3: Emphasis on Security and Data Compliance

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