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Digital Experience Platform Crownpeak Partners with ilumino

Joint Solution Integrates Automated Accessibility Scanning with Human-Powered Testing and Remediation - Empowering Users with Disabilities to Operate Digital Spaces

Crownpeak, the leading digital experience platform, and ilumino, a digital accessibility services and consulting firm, today announced a strategic partnership. Together, they enable enterprises to accelerate digital accessibility goals, and simplify the formation and execution of best-in-class digital governance programs.

The “Crownpeak + ilumino” solution combines Crownpeak’s automated accessibility scanning technology with ilumino’s deep subject matter expertise in online accessibility and usability. Enterprises looking to deliver consistent digital experiences across complex global infrastructures can ensure those experiences are inclusive and accessible to all users, across all digital touchpoints – including the web, mobile apps and software.

With more than 1 billion people worldwide living with some form of disability – relating, for example, to vision, hearing, mobility or cognition – it’s important for organizations to deliver digital experiences that are inclusive of all users.

Oftentimes, though, when companies seek to provide digital content that’s enjoyable for all users and adheres to accessibility standards and best practices – including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or Section 508 – they take a disjointed approach. Typically, this means using basic technology, such as browser plug-ins, to check pages for accessibility on a one-off basis – and also employing separate, third-party testers to provide a one-time report on gaps. There’s little focus on remediation and optimizing accessibility over the long term.

Crownpeak + ilumino Solution
In contrast, Crownpeak and ilumino together offer a single, integrated solution that combines Crownpeak’s leading Digital Quality Management (DQM) technology – providing automated and ongoing scanning and auditing against WCAG guidelines – with ilumino’s expert services to advance a company’s culture of accessibility. By harnessing the speed and power of advanced technology, alongside the human element of accessibility testing and consulting, Crownpeak + ilumino offers a path for enterprises to advance digital accessibility within the context of their unique business practices, existing brand guidelines and user experience.

“Making the web more accessible to all is an imperative everyone can agree on – but challenges related to cost, complexity and knowledge gaps often hold companies back,” said Chris Sigala, general manager of Crownpeak’s Digital Quality Management business. “Crownpeak + ilumino resolves these issues. We’re encouraged by the results we’ve seen from the partnership in a relatively short amount of time – as large organizations are realizing immense value and impact by leveraging the strengths of both organizations in powering their digital accessibility programs.”

The new Crownpeak + ilumino solution is already in use by multiple billion-dollar corporations, including a technology-enabled business services firm, a major U.S. insurance company, and a global top 10 consumer packaged goods company that operates in 190 countries and has hundreds of brands.

Key features of the combined solution include:

  • Accessibility and compliance dashboard – providing a “single-source of truth” for automated and manual accessibility monitoring
  • Automated site scanning (enriched by manual testing) – using enterprise-grade, multi-site scanning technology
  • Manual testing and consulting – performed by certified accessibility experts
  • In-house or guided remediation – tailored to each organization’s unique design and development workflows
  • Ongoing support – ensuring sustained compliance through a proactive approach
  • Accessibility pattern library – simplifying the remediation process and establishing long-term organizational assets
  • Litigation support – with expert review and consulting on any accessibility-related legal actions received
  • Accessibility statement – drafted to demonstrate an organization’s commitment to digital inclusion
  • Enterprise strategy – assisting with a prioritized roadmap and risk management

“All too often, when it comes to accessibility testing, companies receive ‘one-and-done’ reports on violations – with no real consideration of the company’s technical resources or its ability to actually act on the findings,” said Mark Reardon, CEO at ilumino. “So benefits achieved are often just temporary. Crownpeak + ilumino offers a better solution and, importantly, a path toward continual compliance. Our partnership combines the scalability of Crownpeak’s software platform with our expert manual consulting services. Together, we offer organizations a global solution for their digital monitoring and compliance needs – all within the unique confines of their established branding and marketing, and all aimed at providing more inclusive digital experiences.”

Crownpeak + ilumino Digital Accessibility Webinar
Crownpeak and ilumino will further discuss their partnership during a webinar on May 19, at 11 a.m. ET. Titled “Getting Started on Your Digital Accessibility Journey,” the webinar will provide practical, actionable steps for creating and executing an effective digital accessibility program.

Kathryn Putt, Crownpeak’s director of solutions engineering, and Jenna Reardon, ilumino’s co-founder and vice president of customer success, will also share tips and success stories from customers who’ve implemented Crownpeak + ilumino. To register for the free event, please visit

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