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Digital Marketing Agency & Innovate.Vegas Team for Website Redesign

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Marketing and software agency Adlava announced a partnership with the City of Las Vegas to create a new website for Innovate.Vegas — with the goal of highlighting the city’s upcoming projects and events. Adlava’s goal was to showcase and highlight each unique project, while enticing new businesses to bring their projects here as well. In the end, Adlava designed a site that shows users exactly what they need to see while offering a straightforward experience.

Partnering with the city was an exciting challenge that Adlava welcomed with open arms. They needed to position Innovate.Vegas as a hub of creativity, originality, and possibility. Clearly educating site visitors on the city’s business incentives was of utmost importance, while consistently spotlighting everything that Las Vegas has already achieved.

“It’s always an honor getting to work on a project with the City of Las Vegas. This project was a fun one because it highlighted unique projects that have been happening in our city. We were able to show how progressive and business-friendly Las Vegas is with the use of video assets along with a clean and bright user interface,” says Amanda Hernando, Lead Designer.

To successfully complete this project, Adlava prioritized three key things:

  • Keeping the website clean, modern, and sleek.
  • Designing a very user-friendly experience with simple content and navigation.
  • Using bright pops of color and video backgrounds to keep the design exciting, just like the projects it showcases.

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