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Digital Marketing Agency Lone Fir built a new website template

With this new WordPress template, business owners can launch a website that converts in less than two weeks.

Digital marketing agency, Lone Fir Creative, has been at the forefront of using the StoryBrand Framework to help businesses clarify their messaging. But many entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses lack the time and resources to develop a custom website where they can apply their new messaging. To help them overcome this hurdle, Lone Fir built a new website template that makes it easy for any client with a Brandscript to plug in their messaging and have a website up and running –– and converting –– in less than two weeks.

Without clear messaging and a functioning website that’s easy for customers to navigate, it’s nearly impossible for any business to be successful. Custom built sites take months and tens of thousands of dollars to complete. And the popular DIY drag-and-drop website builders end up being more work than they’re worth. So, the savvy minds at Lone Fir Creative came up with a simpler and cost-effective alternative that looks stunning and is an effective sales tool.

There are three pricing tiers ranging from easy, easier, and easiest, but either way, Lone Fir’s team does all the heavy lifting. Just how easy are we talking? According to Creative Director, Jessie-Lee Nicols,  “All clients need to do is share their brand guidelines, images they’d like to use, and their established Brandscript and then we bring it to life.” Best of all, the entire process takes mere days.

“The importance of a well-designed website can’t be overstated,” says Tyler Pigott, Lone Fir’s Principal and Chief Growth Officer. “Imagine a brick-and-mortar storefront with no clear signage indicating what the business sells. Once they get inside, they have to search and search for the products. And when they’re ready to checkout, they can’t find the register. Our new templates give businesses the opposite: a website experience that wins over more customers.”

Click here to see how simple it is to create a beautiful, high-converting website using Lone Fir Creative’s new WordPress template.

Lone Fir Creative is a fully remote digital marketing firm that helps brands clarify their message to win more customers. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, StoryBrand Certified Agency, and now Certified Vidyard Implementation Partner, they can provide clients with modern marketing solutions that stimulate business. Learn more about their methodical approach to marketing at

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