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Digital Marketing Expert Jon Zacharias of GR0 Releases Guide

And other important benefits from networking with journalists
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Leading expert in digital marketing and online SEO Jon Zacharias is releasing his newest guide for entrepreneurial marketers, this time focused on acquiring the publishing support of major online news sources. Founder of digital marketing agency GR0, Zacharias has lengthy experience in the world of content marketing and working with respected news media, having earned placements for dozens of clients. This is certainly no easy task, as journalists may be reticent to accept news stories directly from a brand, but with these helpful tips you’ll have an edge in earning their trust.

To some, getting featured by an online news source might feel old hat compared to landing yourself on the channels of an influencer, but for Jon Zacharias there is still plenty of merit to the traditional media. These well-established news brands carry a prestige to them and are still likely to offer immense exposure for your client, even if the popularity of journalists is declining in the public eye. More importantly, Google and other search engines prominently feature news in their results, and larger media outlets will be given higher priority placement by virtue of their own ad spending or media awareness. Should you be mentioned in one of these articles, it can greatly increase your client’s own SEO and improve their rankings by becoming associated with the news source. Additionally word of mouth and competition in the news industry are powerful forces, and being featured by any one outlet will have another one knocking on your door and asking for your next story.

Importantly, it’s crucial to make sure you’re selecting an outlet and a report who’re going to be interested in what you want to put forward. You’re not going to get much interest about your new clothing line from a nature-oriented publication, and if the reporter you’re talking to doesn’t cover beauty products then there isn’t much point in offering them some. Journalists and publications are often narrowly focused on certain issues, or when working for a larger news organization they are likely part of a specific vertical that is. With GR0 marketing agency, Zacharias works to keep a growing collection of contacts for journalism with clear notes about who does and does not cover certain subjects, and who is most likely to be interested in a specific story.

Next, be sure to analyze not only what they might report on, but how they chose to do so. Are they looking for exclusive access to speak to a founder or CEO? Do they regularly receive free products to review? Are they going to naturally offer you backlinks or do they shy away from them? News media is often focused around offering new, compelling information while working to remove any bias from themselves, so you may find them offering a cold shoulder. When reaching out to talk to someone, it’s important to lead with what story you’re attempting to pitch them, why it may be newsworthy, and how it could relate to something else they’ve reported previously. Additionally, be sure to highlight if the reporter would be first to ascertain the story you’re pitching or if you can grant them special access to something, as they’re looking to provide content for their readers that other outlets won’t have.

There of course is another way to be prominently featured in a major online news source, which is through advertorial content. This can come with a lofty expense, but for those with the marketing dollars at their disposal you will find less resistance trying to earn a prominent placement, and the sales department of a newspaper is more accommodating of your business needs for backlinks and media with embedded metadata. GR0 has worked with several news outlets on this type of content and found great success with it, working together with the paper to craft compelling narratives and media that engage typical readers. These ventures have been mutually successful and provided clear benefits to both the client and the paper, however this expense won’t be attainable for smaller scale projects and clients. However, that doesn’t bar you from earning space from a well-established news source, it means you’re just going to have to employ a greater strategy to get it.

Jon Zacharias has been working in digital marketing and advertising for years, and his latest venture GR0 is his greatest accomplishment yet. With over thirty employees GR0 works to improve clients’ ratings on Google and increase their site traffic, social engagement, and sales.

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