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Digital marketing innovation leader Cendyn announces collaboration with DerbySoft to deliver metasearch ad functionality to hoteliers

The leading innovator in digital marketing, CRM, revenue strategy, and sales for the hospitality sector, Cendyn has made an announcement of a collaboration with the distribution and digital services platform that puts its focus across the hospitality industry, DerbySoft. The martech news space signifies the fact that this collaboration will offer the hoteliers the means to utilize artificial intelligence technology in the sector for powering their metasearch advertising.

Both companies have different technology bases while specializing in the same industry of hospitality. Cendyn and DerbySoft are making it possible for the hoteliers to be able to deploy the power of AI for addressing the complexities in the market space of metasearch. This partnership has formed a strong combination of industry specialists and their strategies along with the technology of machine learning which will result in constant optimization of ad campaigns that ensure that the hotels are moving their destination search results page up as well as to drive incremental upper-funnel demand.

Metasearch sites serve the hotel brands as a marketplace for competing for customers at a property level. Running ad campaigns on metasearch sites can help in driving relatively significant qualified leads as well as web traffic. But there is a high volume of data involved in these campaigns and managing it can prove to be quite challenging due to the large number of online travel agencies (OTAs) that are carrying out their operations in the market space as well as the varied customer inputs in real-time enabled by metasearch. The solution offered by DerbySoft directs its efforts towards machine learning and automation for making it possible for hoteliers to be laser-focused on their commercial needs.

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