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One year after Covid-19 shut down in-person events and association meetings, SegMark Solutions released its Marketing Strategy Guide for Event & Meeting Stories That Sell to help organizers adapt and better communicate the value of their streaming, hybrid and DOD (digital-on-demand) events and meetings.

In 2021, while the 50-billion-dollar industry for large in-person B2B “build it and they will come” events and meetings await a return to prominence, organizers continue to produce live streaming, hybrid and DOD “market it and they will come” events.

To give organizers increased opportunity to attract large numbers or viewers, grow sales and profit in uncertain times, SegMark developed the first Marketing Strategy Guide for Event & Meeting Stories That Sell. The Marketing Guide presents marketers of B2B streaming events and association meetings with a proven content development process designed for effective brand communications, because if marketing doesn’t communicate effectively nothing happens.

“As the future of the digital 4th Industrial Revolution unfolds in the present, effective marketing communication and extended dwell-time begins when marketers tell relevant interesting data-driven stories over multiple digital channels. And when B2B event and meeting brand stories communicate effectively they can move markets.” – Joe Watson, SegMark Solutions President and Founder

SegMark’s marketing strategy guide is the first definitive framework and proven process designed specifically to help organizers and marketers differentiate and communicate the competitive value of their streaming events and meetings by adopting Hollywood’s effective brand marketing strategies and tune-in tactics. Marketers for the leading streaming video distribution platforms, including but not limited to Netflix, Disney+, Paramount+ and Amazon Prime Video, tell relevant interesting pre-release promotional stories for each of their streaming movies and DOD productions.

SegMark’s Marketing Guide is written in step-by-step phases to help marketers reinvent and adapt from traditional pre-virus in-person marketing strategy and tactics to streaming, hybrid and DOD events and association meetings to achieve the desired outcomes of expanded reach, earned media, audience engagement, registration and sustained profitable growth.

What’s Included in the Marketing Guide:
Fourteen (14) marketing strategy Steps to take in four (4) phases, with fifteen (15) Tables of useful data and trends. Each Step comes with two written lesson narratives: “What It Is” and “Why It Matters”. The end-to-end framework includes PEST Analysis, SWOT Analysis, marketing Audit KPIs, Competitive Landscape, Strategic Intent, Positioning, Value Proposition, Brand Essence, Seven (7) Basic Hollywood Plots for Events and Meetings marketing, SEO Keywords and Phrases, Media Plan, and Measurement. To help the marketer get started, a completed Step 1 Example PEST Analysis (Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological) has been included as a Free bonus.

Marketing Strategy Guide for Event & Meeting Stories That Sell

Guide At A Glance


1.  PEST Environment Analysis (Political, Economic, Socio-cultural, Technological)
2.  Marketing KPI Diagnosis (Audit of Key Performance Indicators)
3.  Competitive Landscape Analysis for Competitive Advantage (Know Your Competitors Better Than They Know You)
4.  Alternative Attention Distractors (Disregard Them and Your Event or Meeting Could Be at Risk)


5.  SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
6.  Strategic Intent (For Internal Communication)
7.  Brand Positioning (Takes Place in the Mind) 
8.  Value Proposition (External Communication of How Customer Needs and Wants are Satisfied)
9.  Brand Essence (In Five Ideas or Less)


10.  Desired Outcomes (Offensive and Defensive)
11.  Hollywood’s 7 Basic Story Plots (Adapted for Interesting Event Storytelling)
12.  SEO (Keywords and Keyword Phrases to Drive Earned Media and Traffic to Web)
13.  Media Plan (Exploit the Most Effective Communication Medium First Before Adding a Second)


14.  Measured Media Optimization (What Gets Measured Gets Managed)

FREE Bonus with purchase: Event and meeting Example PEST Analysis

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