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Digital Marketing Solution Provider Stirista Launches AdStir

Access to Premium OTT and CTV Inventory Coupled with Advanced Reporting Gives Brands and Agencies Alternative to Complex, Overpriced and Difficult to Navigate DSPs
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Stirista, a data-driven digital marketing solutions provider known for its identity-driven and authoritative data assets, unveiled today its self-serve media buying platform, AdStir. A revolutionary platform, AdStir gives brands and agencies access to premium inventory including Over-The-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) in addition to online, mobile and display married with Stirista’s comprehensive, deterministic data.

“For years, mid-tier and even larger brands and agencies have been discouraged by the lack of transparency, the complexity and the lack of targeting associated with programmatic advertising,” said Ajay Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Stirista. “Looking to take advantage of the jump in OTT and CTV consumption and shifting dollars away from Facebook, advertisers require a solution with a transparent fee structure that is easy-to-use and offers rich, layered data sources to boost campaign effectiveness. AdStir offers a way for advertisers to buy media at cost without compromising on data quality.”

With a transparent fee structure, zero markup and no data and inventory surcharges, AdStir enables brands and agencies to deliver omnichannel marketing campaigns across multiple channels including display, online video (OLV), OTT and CTV. The self-serve platform offers a simple set up with real-time reporting on campaign performance that is easy to understand. There is also self-optimizing functionality to ensure campaigns ultimately adjust in real-time to maximize spend and impressions.

Advertisers can utilize Stirista’s vast deterministic data sets through its Customer Data Hub or bring in their own customer data that AdStir can onboard and map to digital identifiers. Added Stirista Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions Hamid Qayyum, “This is a completely different kind of media buying experience as we have streamlined it for advertisers and agencies where they can interact in a safe, transparent and data-driven environment knowing that the dollars they put in are going to reach their intended audience versus being gobbled up through arbitrage and surcharges.”

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