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Digital Turbine Expands Partnership with Google Cloud

Incorporating SingleTap technology in apps working with Google Cloud is now easier than ever before - enabling frictionless app installs from any mobile ad placement in a seamless install experience.
Digital Turbine

Today, Digital Turbine announced an expansion of its partnership with Google Cloud to deliver DT’s SingleTap technology to app developers, revolutionizing the app install experience. Now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, SingleTap gives Google Cloud customers a simplified solution to reach more users by enabling frictionless app installs from any mobile ad placement.

Harnessing SingleTap capabilities will enable a smooth app install experience, befitting multiple audiences in the mobile ecosystem. With SingleTap enabled ads, mobile users will be able to download an app directly to the device home screen without going through the standard download process – enjoying a smoother, uninterrupted user experience. By utilizing SingleTap, app developers will enjoy an optimized app install journey with enhanced conversion rates and more efficient media spend across channels.

SingleTap is customizable and can be easily implemented on both in-app and web-to-app channels. Developers leveraging Google Cloud will be able to offset the percentage of spend of SingleTap dollars towards their Google Cloud commitments. Developers can also choose from both SDK and non-SDK integration options when adding SingleTap capabilities to their apps.

SingleTap coming to Google Cloud Marketplace is another step in the multi-year partnership between Google Cloud and Digital Turbine, announced in 2021. The companies’ partnership has already played a significant role in accelerating Digital Turbine’s product and growth strategy to support the Android ecosystem by enabling over a billion devices with intelligent app discovery – reaching new heights with this new integration.

DT teamed up with Google Cloud partner and professional services provider SADA to accelerate the process of making SingleTap available to customers on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“By teaming up with Google Cloud, we’re making it easier for developers to access our SingleTap technology and drive more app installs worldwide,” Said Matt Tubergen, EVP of Global Partnerships and Corporate Development at Digital Turbine. “As another exciting step in our partnership with Google Cloud, we’re confident app developers in the Android ecosystem will continue to benefit from DT’s app install and discovery opportunities available on Google’s platform.”

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