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DigitAll signs an exclusive partnership with Advertima


DigitAll, a subsidiary of W Group leading digital transformation and the evolution of measurable smart media in the region, and Advertima, the global market leader in real-time audience measurement, have entered a partnership that designates DigitAll as Advertima’s exclusive agent in the GCC region.

Under the partnership, DigitAll has begun deploying Advertima’s proprietary Smart Targeting technology on DOOH media networks in malls and retail in the UAE, providing consumer insights to advertisers across several sectors.

The roll-out, which started in Q1 of 2023 and covers all 53 Dubai metro stations, over 200 hypermarkets, and more than 40 shopping malls, will be completed by the end of 2023.

This strategic partnership aims to convert conventional digital-out-of-home (DOOH) and In-store Retail Media into audience data-driven media channels that maximize campaign effectiveness and increase advertisers’ return on advertising spend (ROAS).

Advertima’s Smart Targeting capability enables real-time segmentation targeting to accurately detect audience attributes (age, gender, and group constellation) and behavior, and automate the delivery of relevant content to the right target audience in front of the screen.

With Advertima’s technology, for the first time, real-time audience data can be utilized in programmatic DOOH for automated media inventory sales and reporting. In addition, Advertima’s proprietary Audience Analytics measurement tools will provide credible, real-time reporting on metrics such as audience traffic, impressions, qualified views, and view times to validate ad performance and improve ROAS.

W Group Chairman and CEO Habib Wehbi said, “I am thrilled to announce this exclusive partnership with Advertima, which further cements our position as a regional leader in retail media and out-of-home (OOH) digital transformation. The ability to offer real-time targeting and audience measurement in the GCC region is a game-changer for our industry. This partnership with Advertima represents a significant milestone in DigitAll’s efforts to expand its reach and enhance its smart technology capabilities in the region.”

Iman Nahvi, Advertima’s Founder and CEO added, “Today’s programmatic DOOH standards lack qualified real-time audience data, both for real-time targeting and advanced analytics capabilities. And that’s exactly the gap this partnership will fill. With DigitAll, we’ve found a partner pushing the boundaries of innovation in the OOH and In-store Retail Media space, not just in this region but even at a global level.”

DigitAll is rolling-out this technology on several DOOH networks in the UAE, in a move that will revolutionize the DOOH landscape by introducing data-driven and highly effective measurement tools for advertisers. With this new technology, clients and brands can expect greater ROI, increased effectiveness, and a more sophisticated approach to advertising in the digital age.

“We are at the forefront of integrating data measurement into our DOOH and In-store Retail Media offerings. This will help deliver more personalized messaging to audiences based on analyzing data on individual behaviors and preferences,” said Wehbi.

“In the UAE, there is a growing interest and investment in this area. As advertisers seek to reach increasingly diverse and segmented audiences, data can provide a powerful tool to enhance the effectiveness of DOOH advertising campaigns and turn them into smart measurable experiences.  Our partnership with Advertima allows our clients to use state-of-the-art AI technologies to create personalized and interactive content designed to engage audiences more meaningfully,” added Wehbi.

The Advertima Smart Signage solution is a combination of hardware (edge computers and 3D sensors), AI-enabled software which integrates seamlessly with any Digital Signage CMS platform, and 24×7 data analytics services to deliver real-time audience insights. Tested over the last few months at various locations across Dubai Metro stations and Dubai Malls, the technology ably handled the complexity and diversity of real-world audiences at these high-traffic locations and delivered more accurate performance on key parameters than any other alternative on the market.

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