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DigitalReef Acquires Next-Generation CallerID Platform VYNG

DigitalReef expands its capabilities to customize how brands and publishers reach and engage the mobile device's lock screen.

DigitalReef, a leading global mobile marketing technology company, has completed the acquisition of Vyng, which provides contextually relevant visuals to a mobile device’s lock screen. Terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed. This acquisition gives brands and publishers the ability to enhance the entire mobile device experience from lock screen to application market to streaming media.

Vyng’s technology shows contextually relevant content on the lock screen with every phone call, message, and notification. Businesses that utilize the Vyng technology can increase answer rates by up to 70 percent. DigitalReef will leverage Vyng’s patented technology that customizes the lock screen and connects global publishers and brands to its extensive footprint of more than 530 million registered devices. DigitalReef will enable carriers to offer brands and publishers enhanced offers focusing on lock screen, dialer and rewards applications and programs.

“The lock screen is the new battleground for mobile content and advertising. To make it social and fun, while also driving revenue and engagement, is the key to unlocking billions of untapped value,” DigitalReef President & COO Mark Yackanich said. “From data rewards to the core dialer application and notifications, we see a massive opportunity to improve the mobile user experience and create better engagement with mobile audiences on-device. The addition of Vyng adds value to carriers, brands and publishers by adding value to the user’s experience.”

Vyng has spent seven years developing innovative technology that brings visual content to every mobile lock screen worldwide. It has released multiple mobile apps, triggered more than 5,000,000,000 lock screen videos, and attained 19 US patents, one Chinese patent, with active filings in six major countries.

The Vyng dialer features Caller ID, Spam Call Blocking, Video Caller ID, Video Ringtones, Call Messaging and much more. Its latest innovation rewards users with redeemable tokens simply for making the calls they already make. The more that users participate and contribute to the overall ecosystem, the more rewards they can receive.

“Our goal with Vyng was to bring our innovative lock screen technologies to every mobile phone user,” said Vyng CEO and Co-Founder Paul Kats. “After years of searching for an ideal partner to distribute our technology, we believe we have found that partner with DigitalReef. Our technology can evolve into a superior engagement tool within the DigitalReef ecosystem to enable unique marketing opportunities for advertisers and carriers.”

The DigitalReef advertising platform provides transparency and flexibility for managed and programmatic ad buyers. Combined with marketing technologies for execution and world-class customer support, DigitalReef customers gain greater control, reach, and insights into digital campaigns, enabling them to achieve exceptional performance. DigitalReef goes beyond just monetization and proven ROI to ensure awareness, acquisition, engagement, and retention.

“I am excited for our technology to join the DigitalReef ecosystem to give carriers, publishers and agencies a connection to highly engaged, unique audiences,” said Vyng co-founder Jeffrey Chernick. “DigitalReef has built a powerful platform that delivers a holistic advertising and marketing solution to multiple audiences through multiple channels. And now, by enabling access to lock screens, DigitalReef can drive results through the first, and most important, touch point of the mobile experience.”

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