Dispatch releases Distributed Commerce 2023

Dispatch released the definitive guide to distributed commerce during the recent Dreamforce Conference

Dispatch, a comprehensive distributed commerce platform, today announced the prior release of its definitive guide called Distributed Commerce 2023: Everything You Need to Know at Dreamforce 2023 hosted by Salesforce. The guide is designed to educate marketing and sales executives looking to enhance their sales strategy by leveraging untapped channels via shoppable content and distributed commerce.

Dispatch Co-Founder & CEO, Byron Sorrells, commented on the release of the guide: “Consumers are everywhere all at once. With the ubiquity of fast, free shipping and payment methods like ApplePay, buyers are willing to buy-it-now when the feeling strikes. There’s an irreversible wave of shopper behavior change towards instant gratification. With music, we went from buying albums to buying songs to streaming whatever we want whenever we want. With e-commerce, there’s a tendency to focus on AOV, cart size, and trying to have total control over the customer journey. In some cases, we now need to look past these antiquated metrics and realize it’s about making a sale or not making a sale.”

The goal of distributed commerce is to meet customers where they are which is critical as a recent study from the Baymard Institute found that a $260B loss could be avoided by retailers with a better checkout design and flow. Furthermore, the study found that an improved checkout experience would lead to a rise of 35% in large e-commerce store conversion rates. Distributed commerce looks to address this issue by embedding a full-fledged shopping experience, not just a hyperlink to a shopping cart, directly into a relevant article, social media app, or even directly into a video game or VR/AR experience.

You can view the full Distributed Commerce guide to learn more about the concept and what it could do for your retail business on the Dispatch website, here:

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