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Dissecting Blog Preparedness Stages Before Going Live

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Blogs play a crucial role in content marketing & new bloggers always need assistance. So, Martech Cube has dissected stages of blog preparedness before going live.

I am sure you might have read some great pieces of content that really stuck with you? After reading such an article you might have wondered how to write a good blog post that makes an impact? Writing great blog posts isn’t that simple. But it is not rocket science either!

Writing a blog post is a little like driving, you can study the highway code or read numerous articles telling you how to write a blog post for months, but nothing can prepare you for the real thing such as getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road or something.

You might be knowing how integral the process of blogging is for the success of your marketing efforts. This is the reason why it goes without saying that it is exceptionally important to learn how to effectively begin and manage a blog in a way that supports your business.

Blog posts are still the #1 asset for engaging with the audience and generating leads for any business.

In fact, marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads when compared to those who don’t. Not only that, blog posts cost 62% less per lead when compared to outbound marketing.

You might have written great blogs and failed to obtain the desired traction on your post, or you even might be a new blogger preparing to go live for the first time, this article of Martech Cube will help you in double-checking your post, before you go live.


Most of us have a difficult time coming up with great ideas for an article.

But I have learned that out of all the bad ideas that come to my mind, there are always a few that stand out. And that is the important thing.

When you are stuck and can’t think of what to write about, there are 3 simple ways you can come up with viral-worthy blog ideas.

Search Queries

While blogging isn’t a direct sales tool, you want to be intentional about choosing topics that are aligned with presently trending topics and your business offerings. In this way, you will not be blogging just for the sake of blogging but you are more likely to see a return on your time invested. Consider each offering of your business individually and align them with the trends that suit them.

Find out what are the hurdles that are preventing your prospects from saying yes?

Address those objections that people have about your business and also in general in the best way to improve your lead generation and engagement efforts.

Problem Solving Approach

It surprises me how many people neglect this step. As a writer, you want to tell an effective story, build hyper-relevant content, and be perceived as an authority. Ignoring the desires of the people you’re trying to reach is not the best way to accomplish your aim of blogging. It is to get into the heads and hearts of your target audience. 

What questions is your audience asking? What problems do they have? What do they need help with?

Takedown ideas word for word from your blog comments, social media channels, etc. The goal at this point is not to form a concrete hook but to generate ideas and solve the problems of your audience with your blog post.

Fresh Perspective

No one is interested in reading the same things again and again with additional fancy words, people want to learn more. The majority of the viewers are in search of articles that have something new or additional information to offer. Avoid repeating what is already floating around on the internet, if you want to then add some unique information in them as well. Offer a fresh and uncommon perspective in your blogs.


Once you have your idea with a perfect topic, make sure to research the pages of Google and your competitors at this stage to check out how you can improve on what’s out there. If you can’t write a high-quality blog post that is better than what’s already there, don’t worry! You can research well and add value to your blog post.

You don’t need to be an expert on the topic, but you do need to do thorough research to ensure that your post is adding value.

Last-Minute Checks

Once you are done with scribbling doesn’t mean that your work is completed and is ready to go live, No, not at all. Proofreading and last-minute checkups are also a part of writing, a very important part. So, let’s check out what are the things in our last-minute checklist before our blog goes live.

    • Add Relevant & Copyright-Free Images
      Images play a very important role in making a post interesting and gauging the engagement of the viewers, so insert some relevant and copyright-free images in your blog post.
    • Check for Grammatical Errors
      You just can’t trust Word and keyboard as much as you think you can. It doesn’t always understand the context, so spelling mistakes, verb confusion, and other basic grammatical errors slip through frequently. So, make sure you check for grammatical errors in your article before you make it live
    • Check for Last-Minute Trends that Creped-In
      Trends and reports are constantly changing and published by various research institutes, so just before making your post live, double-check if the trends you have mentioned is from one of the latest reports, if any new trend creped-in while you were busy carving this article, make sure that it is included.

Closing Lines
Blogging is one of those jobs that seem easy until you start doing it yourself. Remember people don’t read the same way on the internet as they do on papers, because of the overflowing information on the internet, so ensure that you prepare interesting content to engage your audience well.

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Aashish Yadav
Content Writer, Martech Cube
Aashish is currently a Content writer at Martech Cube. He is an enthusiastic and avid writer. His key region of interests include covering different aspects of technology and mixing them up with layman ideologies to pan out an interesting take. His main area of interests range from medical journals to marketing arena.

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