DocSales is expanding into the United States

Automate proposal and contract buildouts.

After growing in Brazil for 2.5 years, DocSales is expanding into the United States.

Having successfully founded multiple other businesses, Mauricio Kigiela, DocSales’ Founder, has noticed many issues in the sales closing process that have come up and wants to create solutions for other companies.

“When scaling sales, all b2b companies have exactly the same problem: they lack an efficient way to close deals,” Kigiela said.

DocSales solves this issue by saving time, bringing revenue in faster and allowing sales representatives to do what they do best. DocSales is an award-winning B2B SaaS platform that allows sales representatives to generate proposals and contracts through major CRMs – such as SalesForce,, Hubspot and Pipedrive – 100% automatically, with zero clicks (and zero effort).

“[Closing] is the last part of the process and there are several opportunities to improve and automate it. It’s the last part where we have not seen technological evolution in the past years, and the reason is that it is the most sensitive part of the process. It is the only part that interacts with sales reps, finance, legal and the customer side,” Kigiela said.

The Problem

Kigiela has experience starting and running multiple businesses as a serial entrepreneur. This has allowed him to see the flaws many companies face when scaling their sales.

“The problem is that there is a gap between the CRM and the ERP. It’s filled up with a lot of manual interactions and activities. So that part of the process we call sales closing which is the last step of the automation. 20% of all deals that are in the closing phase are lost. And the reason why we usually lose the deal on this phase is because of the manual, not standardized, error-oriented process,” Kigiela said.

According to research, sales representatives only spend 36.6% of their time actually selling. Over half (63.4%) of their time is spent on non-revenue generating activities, such as preparing proposals and contracts and handling signatures of all parties. DocSales can save 25% of sales representatives’ time, making each sales representative much more valuable.

After facing this issue, Kigiela chose to create and implement a simple solution internally.

“We have developed a ’primitive’ version of DocSales in the past to serve as an internal solution for my previous companies and it helped a lot,” Kigiela said.

After exiting his third company, Kigiela created a state-of-the-art platform that addresses the manual issues with the sales closing process.


DocSales was founded in Brazil, but now is transitioning to bring innovation and automation into the US market.

“I’ve never done this before on my own, with any of my best companies. And it’s a dream to have a company that is successful for life. I think it’s a good challenge for me to face. This is totally different, from the challenge of the language barrier and culture and competition. So I’m very excited about that,” Kigiela said.

DocSales is taking advantage of the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic opened the door for many businesses to work remotely, and DocSales can fill and make many sales representatives’ lives easier.

“I think it’s the most important. COVID has opened a huge opportunity for all platforms that can help people who are working from home. So during the pandemic, we had to understand how to work from home and companies learn how to do that and DocSales can help,” Kigiela said.

DocSales is a platform that can be used anywhere in the world, making the moving process much easier and simpler.

“This platform doesn’t have any barriers in terms of legislation or local laws. So DocSales, you can use everywhere,” Kigiela said.

DocSales is now looking for opportunities to expand, and to build new partnerships. In the past month, DocSales partnered with as a partner integration of the CRM. DocSales plans to be the premier automation proposal software for all major CRMs in the near future. This will allow DocSale users additional support and 1:1 integrations with their CRM for streamlined use.

What Makes DocSales Unique?

DocSales sends proposals and quotes automatically to customers, based on preconfigured templates and information the sales representative added to their CRM, which is imported automatically to DocSales. As soon as the customer receives the document, they can e-sign it online.

Zero Click DocGen

DocSale’s new innovative technology allows sales representatives to put the entire closing process literally on autopilot. After setting up the dashboard, a representative can just “let it run” – DocSales will notify, move forward, and finish the entire process on their behalf.

DocSales’ Zero Click allows them to send sales documents automatically, by just dragging the CRM opportunity card from one phase to another one.

“Sales Closing for B2B companies is a set of steps and procedures that should be followed strictly by sales reps. I believe it is possible to put the whole process on autopilot, making sure everything is done the best way – and as fast as – possible. Sales reps should use their precious time for thinking activities instead of repetitive no-intelligence-required activities,” Kigiela said.

eSign & Pay

On Sept. 22, DocSales launched a new feature called eSign & Pay. This feature allows users to pay immediately upon signing an agreement, simplifying the process for both ends.


DocSales is compatible with all leading CRMs, like Pipedrive, Close and HubSpot. With native integration, DocSales can be set up in minutes with help from their live product specialist.


Though other competitors offer this feature as well, none of them have the same level of automation as DocSales. They can provide legally binding e-signing built-in to your closing process, which can automate the entire affair taking the stress off the sales representative.

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