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Dozanu redefines modern marketing methods

Helping Purpose-Driven Businesses Fulfill a Pledge of Disability Inclusion Through Alternative Marketing Methods
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The dawn of the digital age has brought forth a massive opportunity for inclusion that has yet been tapped into. The technology currently available makes it possible for a more collaborative environment, that welcomes those with disabilities who have been left out of mainstream business and marketing initiatives for far too long. dozanü innovations, a creative marketing and business agency based out of Austin, Texas, has spearheaded a new method of alternative marketing rooted in inclusion to help businesses fulfill purpose-driven pledges of disability inclusivity, such as the Valuable 500 Pledge.

dozanü was founded by two deaf individuals and created by members of the disabled community, for the disabled community and is promoting lasting change to bring inclusive alternative methods of marketing into mainstream businesses and corporations. Some of the world’s largest companies and brands have begun implementing methods to cater to the disabled community in their business model, setting the tone that this movement is inevitable and long overdue.

“When marketing to the disability community, to be truly inclusive, the message should be curated by authentic representation, the disabled community.” – Michelle Lapides, Co-Owner & Founder

Just recently, the world observed as the Oscars showcased the use of sign language, and hosted a deaf audience at the Oscars, to do their part in making the change to involve disabled communities in places where they have long been left without representation or accessibility.

As the world begins to change its tune to create this change, dozanü has rapidly become the leading business marketing agency to envision, create, and implement these initiatives across various platforms, and advise companies on the future of disabled inclusion.

“Universal Marketing is Accessible Marketing, making your outreach universal makes it accessible and everyone benefits.” – Katherine Lees, Co-Owner & Founder

Offering digital marketing, creative marketing, social media, strategic campaigning, and business development oversight; dozanü’s one-stop-shop method enables brands of all sizes and industries to do their part in making accessibility mainstream, promoting a more inclusive and positive societal environment.

As Global Accessibility Awareness Day quickly approaches on May 20th, dozanü would like to celebrate with a step forward in making your marketing efforts accessible to everyone.

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