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DreamHost launches AI-powered Business Name Generator

Helping entrepreneurs find their niche, their name, and their domain

DreamHost®, a global leader in web hosting and Managed WordPress services, today launched a business name generator for online entrepreneurs, powered by artificial intelligence.

Turning a business dream into an online reality starts with selecting a business name that’s both unique and memorable. This foundational brand work can often prove challenging for entrepreneurs who find themselves juggling dozens of other decisions as they build their vision.

DreamHost has built a tool that not only guides small business owners to the perfect business name, but which also suggests relevant, related domain names to register in support of their online venture.

“Starting an online business is hard,” said Brian Glassman, DreamHost’s Director of SEO. “There is no manual. There are no step-by-step directions. To help small businesses, we’ve built guidance into our blog and the DreamHost Glossary, and today we’re thrilled to launch this first in a series of tools to guide and inform online entrepreneurs.”

Once a business name has been chosen and domain names secured, DreamHost then provides a checklist of additional steps and recommendations for small business owners to get their businesses off the ground.

DreamHost’s Business Name Generator is the first in a planned suite of tools created with the power of artificial intelligence to help small business owners find success online.

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