Drip Ecommerce CRM Makes Debut in Shopify App Store

Relationship Management platform

Drip, the first-of-its-kind Ecommerce Customer Relationship Management platform, announced today that it’s live in Shopify’s app store.

By combining deep customer insight with robust automation capabilities, Drip ECRM enables Shopify merchants to deliver the hyper-personalized digital journeys consumers expect while shopping online. Drip has helped increase profits for ecommerce merchants by up to 40 percent, bringing huge opportunities for stores when it comes to building customer loyalty and hitting their growth goals.

The Shopify App Store consists of apps that help with lead generation to shipping logistics and beyond, it’s an impressive resource for Shopify merchants looking to grow. And as the latest addition, Drip is excited for the opportunity to help passionate retailers reach and engage with their customers like never before.

Free shipping and price slashing are old tricks that are common across the web today—but these benefits simply don’t help brands differentiate anymore. Drawing on customer data to deliver an authentic, one-to-one experience is the only way for retailers to stand out from competitors and build long-term loyalty.

“Drip joining the Shopify App Store is a massive win for specialty retailers,” says John Tedesco, Drip CEO. “While Shopify focuses on creating the best platform for merchants, Drip is focusing on creating customer relationships beyond the storefront. These two platforms perfectly complement each other and are essential for ecommerce brands that want to create better customer experiences that drive long-term loyalty and growth in a space overshadowed by Amazon.”

By staking a flag in Shopify’s app store, Drip is set to outfit merchants with the tools they need to utilize the full potential of their customer data. Through in-depth email segmentation, intuitive workflows, and real-time campaigns, Shopify merchants can recognize, remember, and reward their customers with truly personalized online experiences today.

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