DSers Enables New Cross-border E-commerce Opportunities for Merchants

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DSers, the leading e-commerce solutions provider, is paving the way for a new era of digital business by helping cross-border e-commerce merchants unlock more opportunities in the wake of COVID-19. With its one-stop e-commerce solutions, DSers empowers merchants to streamline procurement, maximize revenue, and redefine the online shopping experience — all while addressing critical pain points in the post-pandemic era.

E-commerce merchants face unique supply chain challenges, many of which have been exacerbated by the pandemic. It can be difficult and complicated to select high-quality suppliers to work with, there are multiple links in the supply chain to juggle, and merchants often struggle to learn different order management systems. Procurement is also notoriously time-consuming, particularly with ongoing supply chain disruptions. As a result, merchants end up spending excessive time communicating with suppliers to fulfill orders and deliver products, rather than growing their business and brand.

Designed specifically to address challenges for e-commerce sellers, DSers is an intuitive, cost-effective platform that empowers merchants to save time, save money and maximize revenue. Advanced Supplier Optimizer technology eliminates the laborious work of comparing multiple suppliers; instead enabling one-click screening to find the best providers with low prices and high-quality products. Meanwhile, sellers can launch different BOGO (Buy One Get One offers) and bundle offers to boost revenue without installing plugins. As an official AliExpress partner, DSers also supports batch ordering, allowing merchants to place hundreds of orders to suppliers in seconds to cut down on time and labor costs.

With over one million installations, merchants around the globe have redefined their way of doing business thanks to DSers — including Laura Stalter, a 27-year-old costume designer from the U.S. Opting for the convenience of dropshipping, Ms. Stalter was able to open her women’s fashion e-commerce shopfront without needing to stockpile inventory. After carefully curating the items that she wanted to sell, Laura launched her Shopify store in May 2021 and processed over one thousand orders in just two months.

Using DSers Supplier Optimizer function, Ms. Stalter sourced high-quality AliExpress suppliers that matched her exact requirements; enjoyed a fast, streamlined procurement process; and automated order processing so she could focus on curating her product selection. Moreover, the ability to instantly create sales offers meant Ms. Stalter could offer BOGO and bundle promotions that enticed customers to purchase more and increased average order value.

“DSers has been integral in the creation and continued success of my online store. It’s the easiest, fastest and most reliable way to fulfill and import products, and has allowed my customers to gain confidence amidst ongoing supplier shortages and shipping delays. DSers has also been a lifesaver during shipping emergencies: thanks to round-the-clock customer support, we were able to quickly solve issues with order failures so customers received their products on time. I’d recommend DSers for any e-commerce merchant looking to minimize hassle and maximize revenue,” said Stalter.

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