DSers Releases Upgraded Mapping Functionality


Leading e-commerce and dropshipping solution provider DSers has recently released an upgraded Mapping function that proves to make product management easier and more streamlined for sellers. The upgrade enables sellers to choose from a number of different methods, such as SKU mapping and upsell mapping, to find what best suits their business, brand, and product offerings. Since 2018, DSers has helped process more than 150 million orders worldwide, connecting directly to Shopify and allowing innovative entrepreneurs to build truly global businesses and serve consumers around the world.

The upgraded DSers Mapping function is available in 5 options: Basic Mapping, Standard Mapping, Advanced Mapping, BOGO (Buy-One-Get-One) Mapping, and Bundle Mapping. Basic Mapping is the most efficient way to connect AliExpress products across different suppliers and allows for quick categorization of SKUs, rather than having to individually manage each variant of each product, whereas Standard Mapping is a more precise tool for managing each individual SKU. Advanced Mapping focuses on distribution management, allowing sellers to organize shipping from different suppliers, meaning more control over shipping times and costs. BOGO Mapping supports marketing campaigns such as buy-one-get-one-free deals without relying on third-party applications, and Bundle Mapping, similarly, supports selling in kits where consumers can easily purchase multiple products for a discount.

After a lengthy development process, DSers and leading dropshipping support platform Oberlo launched a new data migration solution. Following an announcement in May, Oberlo users were able to easily migrate their data to the new DSers platform and experience a superior suite of tooling and functionality, such as the ability to map variants in different ways, manage multiple stores, PayPal integration, automatic synchronization of order tracking numbers, and the DSers built-in marketing suite to boost sales revenue.

Regarding the upgraded product release, product director Abigail Yang said, “At DSers, we are always striving to bring as much value as possible to our customers by building products that help solve genuine pain points. For new users migrating from Oberlo, we are aware that the rich functionality available on DSers may be overwhelming, to begin with, but we are committed to helping them make the change and have full confidence that they will find the DSers user experience to be nothing short of exceptional as we continue to iterate and develop.”

Underpinned by an advanced self-developed technology stack, DSers helps sellers solve issues of complex and unorganized store listings, poor product availability, and limited flexibility regarding logistics. Through ultimate variant mapping support, DSers allows users to easily organize and de-clutter product offering pages, allowing for a variety of different sizes and colors of similar items, as well as supporting order fulfillment across multiple suppliers offering the same product in instances of low supply. Also, DSers gives sellers the ability to manage warehousing and distribution, minimizing shipping time and cost to better satisfy end customers.

DSers provides a comprehensive e-commerce solution for sellers of all shapes and sizes built upon integrated mapping architecture that is both powerful and simple to use. Supporting 5 different mapping methods, the card-style product management UI and quick-switching mapping method are powerful and easy to operate for first-timers and professionals alike.

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