Duda & Bridgeline to Launch WooRank SEO App

WooRank’s SEO audit and optimization helps agencies drive traffic to their clients’ sites, all within the familiar Duda website-building platform

Duda, the professional website builder for digital marketing agencies and web professionals, is announcing a new partnership with Bridgeline’s WooRank, the leading SEO audit tool. The WooRank app lets Duda’s users update and fine-tune their SEO efficiently with the same fast and flexible editor they’re already familiar with.

Digital marketing agencies and professional website builders juggle a lot: client deadlines, website maintenance, and a core understanding of their clients’ target audiences, to name a few. Agencies that want to succeed must find tools that are easily implemented into their existing workflows, empowering them to provide the best in SEO for their clients.

As the number one platform for Core Web Vitals performance, Duda is known for delivering high-ranking websites that are seen by more people. Duda’s current SEO tools include automatic Google PageSpeed Optimization, local business schema, and free SSL certificates. WooRank, which is built for digital marketing agencies by Bridgeline Digital, allows users to track and optimize technical SEO performance, content marketing, and social media presence. This partnership between the two companies will allow users to build websites on Duda’s powerful platform, with seamless access to a range of SEO tools designed with agencies in mind.

With the integration of WooRank, Duda users will be able to:

  • Quickly and easily audit their website’s SEO performance across on and off pages
  • Identify on-page areas for improvement
  • Keyword Research & Rank Tracking
  • Analyze technical SEO performance
  • Analyze competitors’ SEO

“We are excited to partner with WooRank to bring their powerful SEO tools to our users,” said Russell Jeffery, Director of Ecosystem and Product Strategy at Duda. “As agencies look to build more websites faster, WooRank helps them ensure those websites will rank high on search results. The integration of WooRank into the Duda platform is a major step forward, and we are thrilled to be working with them.”

“Bridgeline is excited to be able to partner with Duda and is dedicated to providing an enterprise-level SEO solution that strengthens its platform adoption,” says Jeremy LaDuque, VP of Product Marketing at Bridgeline. “We look forward to seeing how WooRank will drive growth to Duda’s platform and further its users’ revenue strategies.”

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