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Dynata acquires Branded Research Inc.

Addition of recognized quality supplier strengthens Dynata's investment in growing its member communities
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Dynata, the world’s largest first-party data platform for insights, activation and measurement, today announced its acquisition of Branded Research Inc., an industry-recognized provider of high-quality, proprietary panel communities whose audience-on-demand platform generates nearly 15 million high-quality completed surveys annually.

In an era of personalization, brands and agencies need accurate data-driven insights to better understand and reach consumers. This acquisition immediately expands Dynata’s ability to deliver high-quality data and accurate insights by adding Branded Research’s reputationally strong proprietary panel reach to Dynata’s market leadership. The combination will help every Dynata customer drive smarter decision-making in a world with an insatiable appetite for data.

While most first-party data is collected through one-off interactions with consumers, Dynata’s Insights Platform is powered by long-term relationships with its panel community members. The scale and breadth of direct relationships with panelists allows the company to connect data, build unique measurement and advertising solutions at scale, and model and scale custom audiences for campaign activation.

Both companies’ shared commitment to quality data, collected transparently and directly from individuals, will ensure customers’ future needs will be met seamlessly, in part, by leveraging Branded Research’s unique expertise, technology and approach to panel recruiting, sampling and member management across the world.

“We believe only the highest-quality data drives the most accurate insights and smartest decision-making,” said Dynata CEO Gary S. Laben. “Adding proprietary member communities that are growing and healthy, and differentiated on quality, helps Dynata deliver an even larger base of fully permissioned B2B and B2C members to our clients. Increasing Dynata’s data supply extends the proprietary panel reach we’re known for — and improves all our data-driven products, from collection and insight generation to activation and measurement.”

“Recognized for the size and quality of our proprietary panel, Branded Research immediately contributes to Dynata’s competitive advantage in sourcing and commitment to zero- and first-party data,” said Matt Gaffney, Branded Research CEO and co-founder. “We’re excited to work together with Dynata to improve data collection, to deliver more actionable intelligence to customers and to shape the future of insights.”

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