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Eberl’s New Campaign to focus on Diversity, Technology & CX

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Eberl, a leading claims solution provider, strives to transform the insurance industry through technology, diversity, and customer experience. Today, the company continues its push towards this transformation by launching the “Eberl rEimagined” campaign. According to Jessica Hamilton, the company’s SVP of Business Development, this initiative “will position Eberl for long-term success as the company continues to widen its focus, capitalize on the benefits of talent pool diversity, and nourish the concept of thought leadership.” In conjunction with this effort, Eberl has remained constant in its pursuit to support greater strategic initiatives in the realm of claims technology to elevate the client experience and by extension – their policyholders. The efforts surrounding the campaign emphasize the development of adjuster talent for future, forward-thinking capabilities, and an end goal to deliver the best experience in claims to all stakeholders.

Ultimately, Eberl has set its sights on creating a more inclusive, culture-focused organization that meets the broader needs and interests of an industry, not to mention – a world, that is constantly evolving. In the words of Phillip Morris, Eberl’s VP of Sales, “this isn’t your grandfather’s Eberl anymore!”

While many companies are still defining their paths regarding diversity and inclusion, Eberl has started delivering on its vision in their day-to-day operations and with the campaign providing a significant boost in momentum to the movement. Through this long-term initiative, Eberl hopes to be a leader in highlighting that success within the industry, as well as the industry as a whole – is dependent on the ability to adapt to a changing landscape. The company has truly embraced a philosophy that accentuates where they are going and – not where they’ve been. As a result, they’ve identified three key areas of focus and are working diligently to transform those areas into a business model that maximizes their enhanced value proposition and dramatically increases their capacity to provide a world-class customer experience.

At Eberl, team members embrace the challenge of redefining and providing meaningful value to the industry. These beliefs inspire the company to continuously evaluate every aspect of its operation from the inside out and is the foundation of the Eberl rEimagined campaign.

Additionally, the insurance industry is ripe for digital and technological disruption. Leading insurers are broadening and diversifying their products and services to align with the changing needs of their clients. This includes investing in customer-facing, cloud-based digital innovations and creating unexpected new business ecosystems that serve a broad suite of customer needs.

Insurers are tirelessly working on building customer confidence and Eberl is determined to complement the experiences they offer. This campaign marks a renewed commitment to advancing the industry forward by investing in these critically important areas: diversity through its people and culture, technology through solution-driven actions, and the delivery of superior customer experiences for carrier partners and their customers. The rEimagined 360-degree approach is focused on every stakeholder in the process – from client partners and adjusters to all internal team members – each person is an integral part of the big picture. With E-Suite paving the way and a people-first philosophy, the rEimagined campaign is destined to drive Eberl towards their goal of being the industry’s most sought-after partner and the provider of the greatest experience in claims.

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