Ecommerce Agency Commerce Canal Launches Advertising Services

New York based eCommerce and marketing agency launches advertising services for Brave Browser & Brave Rewards Network targeting over 36 million monthly active users.

Commerce Canal, a New York based eCommerce and marketing agency has launched advertising services for Brave, the first global digital ad platform built for privacy. The Brave platform provides a premium, brand safe, opt-in ad ecosystem designed for a future without 3rd party cookies. With this privacy focus comes a highly engaged audience in which nearly 1 in 5 users purchase almost everything online. This audience in increasingly difficult to reach as 6 in 10 users use an ad blocker when using other browsers. The Brave Rewards Network allows the opportunity to target more than 36 million monthly active users via push notifications and sponsored images. Users willing to be served brand advertisements earn rewards via the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Success metrics Commerce Canal will report include:

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Dismissed
  • 10 Second Visits
  • Upvote & Downvote
  • Conversions
  • Brand Lift

“We are honored to be a part of the growing Brave ecosystem consisting only of users who have opted into ads. Initially it was a privacy based browser that added rewards tied to the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Fast forward and Brave has launched privacy based search for a largely unreachable audience along with video conferencing. We believe the growing Brave ecosystem provides a compelling marketing platform to global brands as users become more concerned with privacy,” says Founder and CEO of Commerce Canal, Ryan Craver.

If interested in pursuing this growing, privacy focused yet willing audience, reach out directly to Commerce Canal via

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