eCommerce Leader DataWeave Launches Sales & Market Share Module

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Quantify the impact of digital shelf KPIs and benchmark sales performance

To help brands accelerate their eCommerce growth, DataWeave, a provider of AI-powered Brand Analytics solutions, today announced the official launch and availability of its Sales and Market Share module within the Digital Shelf Analytics suite. DataWeave’s Digital Shelf Analytics suite helps brands monitor, analyze and determine systems to help increase their online sales and share across a growing list of online channels. This new module enables brands to define product taxonomies and benchmark sales performance alongside competitors, measuring market share changes over time. This is the latest addition to the suite, which leading brands rely on to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) like Content Audits, Product Availability, Pricing, Promotions and Ratings & Reviews to improve Share of Search.

Executive-level and customized scorecard views, tailored to each user’s job function, have been added to all Digital Shelf Analytics modules and provide recommended courses of action via email alerts, based on synthesized, near real-time insights. The Sales and Market Share module also provides granular visibility into category best sellers and fast movers, tracking which products have gained or lost momentum, with the added ability to measure the potential revenue impact caused by out-of-stocks. These insights can also guide brands’ decisions on which products to promote and which product attributes to accentuate to improve competitive positioning. Brands can immediately see how they rank within their own organic and sponsored search results, plus how they rank among their competition.

“We’re excited about the enhancements made to our Digital Shelf Analytics suite which not only enables brands to significantly improve online search rank visibility, but now quantifies the impact of digital investments – especially in time for the busy holiday season,” said Karthik Bettadapura, CEO and co-founder, DataWeave. “As the competitive landscape intensifies, more brands seek marketplace insights to differentiate their digital shelf, distinguish their online strategies, discover efficiencies and drive profitable growth. We are proud to be the partner to enable brands to achieve their growth goals.”

With more than 500 billion data points aggregated, DataWeave’s scale and digital insights expertise helps brands evaluate and improve their marketing performance to fuel e-commerce growth. Accurate, timely marketplace data empowers brands to make informed digital marketing decisions that fuel online sales and market share by satisfying consumers better and faster than the competition. Learn more about DataWeave’s digital shelf analytics for brands.

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