Ecommerce Leader Katapult offers direct apply feature to consumers

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Katapult, the leading provider of eCommerce point-of-sale (“POS”) lease-purchase options for nonprime US consumers, today announced its direct apply feature for customers.

Katapult is dedicated to helping consumers obtain what they need through transparent terms, easy applications, and customizable payment schedules. The new direct apply feature makes the shopping experience even easier for customers. Rather than apply through one of our merchant partners, customers can now apply directly at to receive their approved lease amount.  Having a pre-approved lease gives customers peace-of-mind to then visit Katapult’s store locator and select their preferred retailer, shop with confidence, and experience Katapult’s simplified return customer checkout process.

With no credit required to apply for a lease, direct apply opens consumers to a new way to obtain what they need from the brands they want to shop. From automotive, mobile devices, and gaming to furniture, outdoor goods, and fitness equipment, Katapult offers hundreds of retail partner sites in its store locator, making it easy for each shopper to see promotions, featured sites, and ways to save on their lease-purchase.

“It is exciting to offer an option that makes the shopping experience become more streamlined for consumers”, says Orlando Zayas, CEO at Katapult. “Making it easier for customers to continue on their path to ownership echoes Katapult’s vision to ‘create a world where financial barriers no longer exist by providing disruptive technology that empowers and simplifies the shopping experience’.”

If you are a retailer interested in partnering with Katapult to increase brand awareness and build a reputation with a new, underserved customer base by providing a no-credit-required alternative

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