ecommerce platform Our Mayberry Closes $1.2M Funding Round

Cause-Driven Ecommerce Startup Investment Round Oversubscribed
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Our Mayberry has closed its $1M convertible note seed round offering by reaching its 20% over-subscription limit of $1.2M. Our Mayberry is an online ecommerce platform that connects businesses and nonprofits to create mutually beneficial marketplaces where consumers can make purchases that support the causes they champion.

Investment groups from medical services and restaurant industries led the seed round. They are enthused about Our Mayberry’s approach to cause-based commerce and the financial technology that supports digital transactions for both product and service businesses, while enabling nonprofits to receive direct donations, conduct auctions, and sell event tickets.

“Our Mayberry has built a transformational platform that harnesses the power of belief-driven buying through distributed marketplaces,” says Our Mayberry CEO Shawn Tacey. “Our Mayberry gives businesses the ability to both scale and do good unlike any other platform or service.” Tacey also noted that Our Mayberry works for businesses of all types. “We process hundreds of thousands of dollars in transactions each month for service businesses like law firms, medical services companies and architects.  Other values-driven platforms simply don’t include these types of businesses, but we do.”

Our Mayberry is currently operating in 6 states, and has generated growing interest from national nonprofits, including Rotary International and Habitat for Humanity. Our Mayberry is a driving force to help small businesses across the United States (and soon, globally) expand their consumer base by tapping into the dedicated audiences of their nonprofit partners, while providing a new and sustainable source of funds for nonprofits.

“Our Mayberry’s model represents the next step in the evolution of both business marketing and fundraising,” says Tacey. “We’re focused on weaving this new system of commerce into everyday life, and we believe this will go a long way in helping to rebuild and strengthen our communities.” Reflecting the founders’ values as well as those of the organizations and individuals they seek to engage, Our Mayberry has pledged consistent, transparent reporting and prompt payments to nonprofit partners. In addition, the platform safeguards against surveillance, tracking, and selling of customers’ data.

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