Ecommerce Tools Company Stackline Launches Trends

Trends Leverages Insight from Over 300 Billion Ecommerce Searches to Provide Unparalleled Visibility into the Consumer-driven U.S. Economy
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Stackline, a Seattle-based technology company that builds ecommerce tools for thousands of the largest consumer brands and retailers, today announced the launch of Trends – a comprehensive analysis of ecommerce search volume that features a definitive ranking of the brands and topics that are growing, declining and emerging in consumer popularity.

“The pandemic undeniably fast-tracked ecommerce adoption, which in turn accelerated the rate at which retail movements take hold and new brand leaders emerge. And yet, having visibility into consumer appetite at the ecommerce search level has been minimal at best,” said Michael Lagoni, founder and CEO of Stackline. “Trends tackles this problem head-on by providing a comprehensive view of the brands and topics driving purchase intent.”

Stackline Trends is built using proprietary technology that analyzes hundreds of billions of consumer search signals across the largest retail sites, mobile apps and search engines to surface the most popular and fastest-growing consumer brands and retail topics. The result? A never-before-seen view of the brands and topics successfully capturing consumers’ interest at any given moment “When combined with Stackline’s existing tools, the insights allow brands and retailers to optimize marketing strategies and improve top-of-funnel growth. It’s a win-win,” said Lagoni.

HyperX, HP’s dedicated esports and gaming division, notes “with Stackline Trends we have the ability to measure the reach of our largest marketing campaigns.”

By analyzing U.S.-based searches across the largest retail sites, mobile apps, and search engines, Trends provides insights in two ways:

  • Consumer Brands. Brands measures the volume of consumers searching for retail brands across the internet to help understand full-funnel marketing performance and brand awareness. This section provides an inside look at each of the 11,000+ brands tracked in Trends – their search volume, top keywords and popular products.
  • Retail Topics. Topics analyzes how consumer search trends are evolving based on search volume patterns across the online retail landscape. Topics highlight the products and product categories that are growing and declining in popularity in response to real-world circumstances.

Trends is the latest addition to Stackline’s all-in-one ecommerce platform and is the company’s first non-enterprise technology offering. Trends’ user-friendly interface gives users a choice to view data over a variety of timeframes to better understand how ecommerce searches have evolved over time. When clicking on a specific brand or topic, users can choose to compare their selection with others to juxtapose ecommerce performance.

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