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ECOMOBI’S Networking Event: Top Content Creators Gathering at ECONET


The event aimed to strengthen the relationship between content creators, networks, and brands, and it achieved this goal by introducing Passio, an all-in-one monetization platform that empowers content creators to maximize their potential and bring value to their brand in terms of both access and business revenue.

A Closer Look at ECONET – Get in Touch

Ecomobi understood the immense value of these professionals in helping them achieve countless milestones over the years. With the participation of more than 1M+ creators, brands, and partners, the ECONET event conducted on April 27th was a significant contribution from prominent figures in the Digital Entertainment Industry. Ecomobi recognizes the importance of these partnerships in driving the industry forward and hopes to continue building strong relationships with partners.

The event ECONET offered a comprehensive insight into the KOL/KOC profession, along with the latest trends and prospects for future development based on evaluations from the business relationships: Brand, Influencer, and Ecomobi – as an intermediate platform.

Ecomobi recently expressed deep appreciation to over 100 top KOLs and KOCs, as well as brands and partners who participated in the Econet – Get in Touch event. The event was attended by famous TikTokers like Ms. Kat Lansang, Ms. LENIE, and Ms. Michelle Ho Choi, as well as leading experts in Affiliate Marketing, MMO, and content creation from big partners of Ecomobi such as LO’real, Maybelline, and TikTokShop. The event provided an opportunity for KOCs to participate in the Livestream selling challenge, demonstrating their ability to create original content with intriguing concepts. The event was sponsored by several famous firms, including L’Oreal, TEN Nutrition, MX3, BabyPro PH, and Sugar Dolls.

At ECONET, the attendees had chance to participate in the Livestream selling challenge, where content creators demonstrated their capacity to develop original material with intriguing concepts. The Livestream selling challenge was a highlight of the event, as it showcased the impressive skills of the content creators in generating revenue through social commerce. KOLs attending the event were able to learn more about the inner workings of social commerce and how they can leverage it to increase their income.

Ecomobi Passio content creators have an excellent opportunity to enhance their creativity by sharing their experiences and learning about the 2023 Influencer Marketing Trends and TikTok Plans. During the event, Ecomobi Passio Content Creators can meet with others and have direct contact with sponsors, register to participate in Direct Brand and Tiktok Shop campaigns, and win rewards for their efforts.

Ecomobi’s Commitment to Providing Exceptional Experiences

While the ECONET event was a success and received the support of all creators and brands, Ecomobi believes that there is always room for improvement. They expressed their profound thanks to all attendees, feeling grateful that everyone supported the event, despite any shortcomings. With this support, Ecomobi intends to continue growing and providing better service, experiences, and events to all Ecomobi creators, brands, and partners.

In addition, Ecomobi is looking to expand its reach and provide even more opportunities for content creators in Southeast Asia, including the PhilippinesThailand, and Indonesia. They aim to build content creator communities throughout the region, connecting creators with top brands and helping them to monetize their content more effectively via their platform – Passio.

Passio offers various avenues to enhance earnings for content creators

Ecomobi Passio is Asia’s top monetization platform for influencers, housing over 1 million content creators on board and more than 300,000 content creators in the Philippines. The platform offers an innovative income solution to KOLs/content creators, rather than struggling to make a living in a crowded affiliate environment or earning through brand bookings. They can create a link-in-bio without any fees, join affiliate programs with appealing commissions, connect directly with 1000+ top brands in Southeast Asia, sell digital products with zero costs, receive donations/virtual gifts with low transaction rates and exchange rates, share exclusive promotions to their fans via brand gifts, and interact fully with fans and earn more through Truth or Dare, Video Shoutout.

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