ELLKAY unveils LKOasis


ELLKAY, LLC, a leader in interoperability for more than 20 years, announces LKOasis, an enterprise-wide data management platform, as an expansion of its industry-leading healthcare data archive, LKArchive. This platform enables hospitals and health systems to transform their data landscape, providing clarity through a holistic, centralized solution. From data migration and archiving to uniting past and present data in a combined live and legacy patient dashboard, LKOasis is the comprehensive platform for all healthcare data management needs.

Ajay Kapare, ELLKAY’s President, and Chief Strategy Officer, stated, “Our customers’ needs are constantly progressing, and they’re requiring more from their vendor partners than ever before. As ELLKAY continues to innovate and grow, it has become evident that our platform has evolved into more than just an archive – it’s a virtual safe-haven for both live and legacy data, allowing data to thrive for full utilization to critical historical and current patient data – secure, unobstructed, and connected. LKOasis is truly an oasis for your organization’s data.”

Dr. Zafar Chaudry, SVP & CDIO at Seattle Children’s, added, “ELLKAY’s partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in healthcare. Their commitment to listening to partners’ needs and crafting solutions like LKOasis highlights their dedication to advancing patient care and operational efficiency. Their innovative focus transforms challenges into opportunities, making a tangible impact on their partners and healthcare delivery.”

LKOasis is an adaptive and innovative response to the changing landscape of healthcare, offering enhancements that address healthcare customer challenges and add value to their organizations.

Shreya Patel, Chief Innovation and Product Officer at ELLKAY, said, “By expanding our platform to include solutions such as active document management and live data integration, along with features that support data-driven care decisions, reporting and analytics, care coordination, and a multitude of clinical workflows and use cases, we are empowering hospitals and health systems with a data strategy for the future.”

Nikunjkumar Patel, Director of Application Development & Support Technology at Lehigh Valley Health Network, shared, “As of 2023, ELLKAY has archived over 100+ acute and ambulatory applications for us. The partnership with ELLKAY has helped us achieve our goals of reducing operating expenses and decommissioning acquired legacy applications. I am excited about the announcement of LKOasis and the value it will bring to organizations, offering a holistic data management approach to seamlessly view data in a way that allows care teams to see the entire health of a patient with access not only to archived data but also live data.”

To learn more about LKOasis or discuss how this solution can assist your organization, schedule a meeting with us at Epic UGM (booth #310) or Oracle CloudWorld, visit, call 201-791-0606, or email Team ELLKAY today.

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